How and What to look for At Yard Sales...That Sell Well

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In this guide I will explain and tell you how to locate good yard sales, and what sells well from yard sale items. When you think of yard sales you think of used, outdated items, and possibly Antiques. All of these things are possible when you go to a yard sale. Lots of times if you go out searching you get a little discouraged because of the lack of specific items that you want to find, but can't. Or when you get there all of the good stuff is gone because you got there too late.

The Secret of Yard sale searching and findingof items is (1) you must get there early, (2) look at everything that is available, (3) be ready with cash-in-hand, (4) be ready to negotiate with the seller, (5) know what you are looking for, (6) research where, when, and what is being offered at yard sales before-hand, by studying the newspapers in your local area or any area that you might be visiting (i.e. Las Vegas, Needles, ect.)

The first rule is self-exsplanitory. You must be ready to be up at the crack of dawn to start your hunt. The earlier the better. The best items at yard sales go fast and to the person that gets there first. The saying, "First Come, First Serve" , is an excellent saying for yard sale searches, because that is exactilly what it is.

The Second rule: Look at everything that is available is an important step that should not be overlooked. Sometimes it is the overlooked items that might fetch you the best price at an online auction. Don't rush to get through a yard sale as this could be detrimental to your search of good yardsale finds.You would be amazed at what is available at a yardsale and at the prices that people are selling these items for. Most often people that are selling things in yard sales don't know what they have or the true value of what they are selling.

The third rule of being ready with cash-in-hand is important as some yardsale sellers do not take personal checks. If you want to save yourself from losing out you must carry cash to buy yardsale items. If you live in a small town and the people know you; it might be a different situation. People that live in larger areas don't generally take personal checks because of the possibility that they will not get the money due to insufficeint funds behind the check.

The fourth rule: being ready to negotiate is another important step. People that are holding yard sales are selling for many different reasons. Most often it is because they are moving and don't want to move everything that they currently own to another house. These people are wanting to get rid of anything and evrything at dirt cheap prices. Some have their prices a bit too high to move so they may come down on the price a bit; just to sell it. On these occasions it must be logical and made so that it is their own idea to bring down the price of an item at the yard sale. This is a skill that must be worked to its fullest to get the bargain you are searching for.

The fifth rule: know what you are looking for. This is a good thing to have in mind before hitting the yard sales. This will help you keep your mind clear when searching. There are some pretty good sales people that are running the yard sales. If you have no clue of what you are searching for, you may buy something, that won't make you any money or very little money; because of a sales pitch. This can save you from saying yes to anything because you don't know what your looking for. Look for things that you have knowledge of,  how these items work, and what their general value is. Also this knowledge could get you items that you can make money from. You will also want to look and figure out what an item may bring you, at auction, by doing research on auction sites. Being well informed about a yard sale purchases can make a world of difference with online auctions. Items that you have personal knowledge of; are the things that will sell well for each individual seller.

The Last rule that I have listed is critical. This should be the first rule to start with really, but I mention it last because you will remember this rule if it is the last rule listed. It will stick in your mind and make you think of planning before doing anything else. Of all of the rules this one may help the most. The sixth rule is to Research where, when, and what is being offered at yard sales. This can be found in your local newspapers in the wanted ad section. In these ads you can find out what is being sold, the location of the sale, and even a map to some of these yard sales. Many people put ads in the paper as to bring in more buyers and more money to them as sellers. Plus they might have to advertise because of possible rules associated with permits required to hold a yard sale. The ones that don't advertise in the paper, but only by signs being posted, may not have the permits to hold a yard sale. Don't let that detour you from looking at a yard sale. You may lose out if you don't check it out.

Don't be duped and give up before even starting your yard sale search. The possible finds that could bring you great rewards may very well be from a yard sale. Every yard sale should be given a chance NO MATTER what part of town it is in. Rich or Poor the seller may be parting with wonderful auction items, at a bargain, because they want or need the money right away and are not willing to go through the hassle of doing online auctions. For you, an online auction seller, can reap rewards beyond your wildest dreams and make more than what you paid for the item. The Sellers Creed: Buy Low; Sell High.

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