How To fix a leaky fish tank

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Fish tanks can cost a lot sometimes so why throw them out

yes if the tank is cracked then throw then out but leaks don't throw them out yet you can use Fish tank Glue/culk it might be called something else just ask a pet store for a tube of fish tank glue because it is leaking now you have to put your fish in a bucket note use water out of tank because it contains bacteria that the fish need to survive also keep stones for bottom of tank do not replace also in this process you might lose some fish when moving fish make the water tempture is very colse to each other or they may die please also note it make take 24 hours for the glue to harden then apply glue to leaky spots and all places where the glass meets each other because thoes spots may leak down the road and this will help then after a day or two of the glue harding add a little water to check if water will stay in the tank is so fill the rest of the way and put fish in when water tempeture is close to eash other


it may take several tries but it will finally work it took us about 4 times but it saved us about $50 for a new tank

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