How To Spot a Deceptive Etopps In Hand Listing

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How To Spot a Deceptive Etopps In Hand Listing
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Every etopps card has its own unique print run.  For in-portfolio (or in-port) auction listings, the print run is automatically listed in the item description. 

For in-hand (card taken out of the online circulation) etopps cards, it is up to the seller to list the print run whether in the title or item description.

The print run of etopps cards range from the hundreds to 10,000 (there are only two: 2001 Ichiro Suzuki rookie card and 2003 LeBron James rookie card).

It is eTopps policy not to release the quantity of in-hands taken out of online circulation for any cards.  They just will not do this and its their prerogative.

There is a great website that has a voluntary in-hand reporting mechanism which gives etopps members who use their website to report their in-hands taken out of portfolios.  This quantity is listed on the website, in particular on the webpage that gives the statistics for the respective card.  Since only a small percentage of all etopps users use this website and not all of those who use this website report their in-hand numbers, the accuracy of this reporting mechanism is not reliable.

Here is the problem:  there are ebay sellers who have decided to try the following scheme: mention the number of in-hands reported on this website (rather than or include the listing of the total print run in order to deceive potential buyers). 

This has worked but it has recently backfired. 

The seller who did this the most is no longer a registered user.  Coincidentally this seller received numerous negative feedbacks due to this fraudelent practice.  It remains to be determined whether the seller is NARU due to this fraudelent practice or the negative feedback

Unfortunately, there are other sellers who continue to do this. 

When you see a discrepancy in the print run reporting for a particular etopps in-hand card, comparison shop and see which ones are trying to get away with making you believe the card they are selling is rarer than others who are selling the same card.  This can be commonly seen in store listings for a particular etopps in-hand card.

What can you do? 

1)  Report the listing to ebay as fraudulent
2)  Email the seller of the fraudulent listing and tell them you are aware what they are doing and the actions you have taken
3)  Email me the listing.  I will forward your email to eTopps to make them aware of the listing.  They are against any deceptive or misleading information in eTopps in-hand listings.

How many sellers do this?

Easy: just count the number of voters for this guide who do not think this is helpful.

One last thing, etopps provided a promotion for the last two National Sports Card and Collectible Conventions in which specific etopps cards were stamped as a 1/1, 1/5, 1/100, 1/250 or 1/750 (these are stamped in the lower left or right corner of the card along with a National logo).

While these in-hands were used for this promotion and the stamped quantity of that particular card was used for promotional purposes, this does not imply that the total print run is what was stamped for these two promotional purposes.  The seller of these promotional etopps cards should also include the total print run and explain the reason behind these stamped cards, otherwise this too is misrepresentation.
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