How To Ship Any Pair of Jeans In Flat Rate Envelope

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How To Ship Any Pair of Jeans In Flat Rate Envelope
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2-21-15 Edit - apply this now to USPS FLAT RATE PADDED ENVELOPES as most postal services won't accept the cardboard envelope jammed and you have to use the padded one now.
With postage prices going up and so many of us offering free shipping or lowering our shipping rates, learning how to ship many items for roughly $5 can save you a lot of money.  Not only am I an ebay powerseller and store owner, but I also buy about 40 items a month on ebay and am a faithful ebayer buyer!  Often I order jeans and other items on ebay and receive the item in a broken-open flat rate envelope with the item exposed to the elements.  This is very unprofessional.  I was shocked to receive TWO PAIRS of womans jeans once stuffed in ONE FLAT RATE ENVELOPE by a well-known ebay seller. Another time I ordered a 16 ounce item plastic bottle and it arrived in a broken item.  The envelope was broken open and the items were slightly damaged.  This gives ebay a bad name, and it is an easy problem to fix.  If we work together we can make ebay the friendliest, most professional, most economical place to get great bargains and super fast shipping!

Many of my garments I have to ship boxed, but usually any jeans or pants (and many other garments) can fit in a flat rate envelope.  This will especially boost your international sales as it means that your item will now be more affordable with shipping around $12-$15 instead of $35 for regular priority mail. (This was written before the USPS raised the flat rate international postage). I had a pair of 60x30 jeans for sale and as large as they were, I would have normally listed it as regular priority mail only as they weighed 3-4 pounds and I never imagined I could fit them in a flat rate envelope.  However,  I had by mistake put "priority mail flat rate envelope" as my shipping option so a foreign customer was THRILLED to have shipping less than $15 for a brand new pair of big mens sturdy American jeans.  Believe it or not, I fit those pair of jeans in a flat rate envelope carefully folded and wrapped in a priority mail tyvek envelope INSIDE the flat rate envelope - heavily reinforced with packing tape, I might add.

Steps:  (see photos)
1.  Take packing tape and reinforce all 3 sides of a flat rate envelope along the edges.  Leave the top for later.
2.  Lay your jeans out flat.
3.  Fold up tightly so they can fit in a priority mail tyvek envelope's small side.
4.  Slide it in the envelope and lean all your weight on the envelope, pretending you are squishing it into one of the space bags which removes all the air.
5.  Press tightly, unseal the tyvek envelope and pull TIGHT to seal it flat pushing out any remaining air.
6.  Slide it into the flat rate envelope along with the packing slip (packing slips are very important so people know whose package it was).
7.  Lean heavily on the package and push out all the excess air.  YOU MUST BE ABLE TO SEAL THE ENVELOPE with the original seal the post office states.  However, AFTER you seal it you can reinforce the seal with tape.
8.  Reinforce the postal seal with tape.
9.  Reinforce any excessive bulging spots with tape.
10.  Smile, you have just saved yourself and your customers money and the package should arrive safely & quickly, thank God!

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