How To Sell Things On Ebay!

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Here are some brief tips on how to sell on Ebay:

For all general needs, consult the Ebay Help console.

Do you wonder why you can't get your items to sell as high as some people?

Most new sellers make the mistake of listing an item with not enough information.  They think a sentence or two will do the jobs.  The idea is simple though.  JUST WRITE MORE!

Pretend like you are standing in the mall.  For example:  If you are trying to sell a cell phone.  You wouldn't mumble two sentences and expect somone to give you money for it, at least what is reasonable for it.  You have to write why somone needs to bid and buy your product over somone elses.  Therefore, you need to write a few paragraphs tell people how great your item is.  Answers questions that will tell the buyer your product is the one.  Maybe they are just surfing.  You really want to get those impulse buyers.  Give them a reason to bid on your product.

Don't act like you want to just give away your product for whatever money is willing to go your way.  You want to command and demand top dollar.  Before you list your item, be sure you have cleaned your item well!  Obviously, no one wants a dirty product.  Pictures can mean a thousand words.  Everyone knows that.  If I were buying, the seller could write all day and I wouldn't care "diddly squat".  I want to see things with my own eyes to become a believer this is a tangible good product.  I expect to get what I'm seeing if yah' know what I mean.  If the seller keeps it short and to the point, then that would be great.  Now I can get both a mental picture and the actual picture of what I'm getting.

In that case, be sure to be quick, concise, and to the point.  A good stable picture should be taken.  If you are selling something that you want $50 bucks or higher for, you'll want 5 pictures.  What's a couple cents investment going to mean to you?  I'll tell you what it means.  If you don't, you'll lose dollars that you could have had.  Heck', I'd lose a couple of cents if it meant I was getting a few bucks.  Wouldn't you?  Millionair or not, we all want to make extra cash. 

ALWAYS REMEMBER, A DOLLAR MADE IS A DOLLAR YOU DIDN'T HAVE BEFORE!  A million dollars is made $1 buck at a time.  How do you want to make your money?

Hello I'm Drpepperguy3317, thank you for looking at my corner of Ebay.  If you needs more tips, feel free to email me through the contact seller portion of Ebay.  I'll be happy to answer your questions if you just can't make things out very well. 

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