How To Repair Broken Concrete Statuary

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If your statuary has a piece that is broken away, use a cement epoxy glue to affix the pieces together. Once it is dry, use an auto body filler "Bondo" to cover the seams and sand to a smooth finish.  Follow instructions on the can to mix it. You have only 4 minutes to work with this product so be ready to apply it a soon as you mix it. I have used Bondo to also put the piece back together instead of glue.

Once it is sanded to a smooth surface you can either paint it (paint or stain for cement) or if it is a natural piece that you want to leave natural, you can mix some cement or quickrite to go over the bondo. Try to make the cement a little thicker by adding less water so it is more of a paste. Using your fingers with plastic gloves, go over the seam with the cement. Try to smooth it into the other parts that were not broken to blend it in with the rest of the piece. Let is dry fully. If you have some bumps that are not smooth, you can lightly sand it. I hope this information helps. Thank you for reading my guide.



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