How To Make Money On eBay With A Website Or Blog

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Today I’m going to show you a great way to maximize your website or Blog and generate extra sales from your visitors, and of course, it has something to do with eBay but it is slightly left of centre.

You may have heard of a program from Google called AdSense. It’s a way that you can have other people’s Google ads appear on your website. When people click on the ads from your website, they are sent to the other persons website and Google pay you a referral fee.

Well last week I came across a similar system, but it has to do with eBay and eBay listings.

Here’s how it works:

You can advertise items that are already for sale on eBay from other sellers on your website. Then your customer can directly click on that ad, and be directed straight back to eBay and see the item listed for sale. If they are the winning bidder of the auction, buy the item with buy it now, or join up to eBay and become a confirmed and registered user, the site will actually pay you a commission, which is pretty good considering you’re not doing much work!

Basically all you have to do is sign up to a new site that will then provide you with a special code that you insert onto your website. Auction Ads is a new site that will show you step by step how to sign up and start making money. Depending on what keywords you have on your website pages, the system will determine what items will appear as ads on your site.

For example if you have a website that sells motorbikes, your ads could be for Harley Davidson clothing, jewellery, helmets etc. Even if you’re temporarily sold out of motor bikes, you could still be selling the accessories without even knowing the seller of the items. eBay would then flick through the relevant goods for sale depending on the status of the listing through eBay and include it on your page.

The amount you get paid will differ from site to site, and it is great to do once you have your website up and running, but it’s more of a bonus, so unfortunately you can’t solely rely on it for a full time living! Stay tuned next week, as we bring you more new sites and ways to grow your business potential online. I know this is a different way to make money than you might be used to seeing. Especially since we are all about eBay, but we also want to help open your mind to the many ways you can make money. Thanks for dropping by! Matt Clarkson

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