How To Make Hand Crafted Jewelry And Sell It On Ebay

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How To Make Hand Crafted Jewelry And Sell It On Ebay
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                 Gather The Junk

  This is a short guide on how to make cool jewelry out of found objects.  I will  give you a few  ideas of some very interesting objects that can be turned into fun jewelry as well as  how to go about learning  to make it. We must first gather our junk. When I say junk I'm referring to wonderful little finds that may be in our attics or in a shop somewhere.

  I simply adore antique and vintage things so I search antique and junk shops as well as garage sales and  ebay.  Many of these items can probably be found right in your own home. Look for items such as bottle caps. vintage or new  paper items for altered art jewelry, typewriter keys, old and new game pieces, lots of beads etc. Be sure to look for unusual items but only buy if you love them.  Dont make the mistake of purchasing things because you can buy a hundred for a dollar.  Your jewelry is a reflection of you ! You want to make it as unique and as  special as you are.  This will also help in developing your own personal style as well as help keep you from over spending.  To get your creative mind in action ,look at the pic below. This is a sample of a wonderful find. Yep. no kidding folks. It's an antique wood ruler ,recycled  into a watch band.This is something that could have very easily be tossed away in someone's trash. I have now given it a new life as a watch band to be cherished by the person who adores old wood rulers.                                          


    This is just one example of a found object that has been given a new life.The possibilities are endless. Here are some more pics to give you an idea of exactly what I mean when I say "found objects".





 In the examples above you will find old typewriter keys, vintage bottle caps,old game pieces, and even a vintage, child's bicycle license plate ! Your finds do not have to be all old because mixing the new with the old can sometimes add  even more interest to the piece.  The best tip I can give you is to" Only purchase finds that you love." You can't go wrong when you are making  jewelry out of  finds that mean something to you. I make rosary bracelets out of my grandmothers old rosaries .I use the rosaries that are in need of repair and missing parts . It doesnt get any better than that folks. These are very precious to me and  I'm giving them a new life where they can be cherished and loved. ( Rather than leaving them in a drawer never to be seen )  Digging around in junk shops and at markets  to find  items to create with can be  fun and  relaxing .  Its just one of the special benefits of making this kind of jewelry.

                  Grab Your Supplies And Create  

    Now you will need some supplies so that you can put these finds together and create a great piece of jewelry. Jump on ebay and search  for items like bracelet forms,watch faces, jump rings, beads, etc.  There is everything you  could  possibly need ! When you recieve your bracelet forms, you will also recieve  directions on how to adhere your finds to the forms.  It is actually a lesson on how to make typewriter jewelry.  Many sellers will give you ideas right on thier listings of different ways to use thier components and findings. Ask sellers questions. For instance, " Hi, I'm new at this and would like to know if you think your item would be the right size for a typewriter key ? "  Do not be afraid to ask questions.  Most sellers will go out of thier way to help you. There are also tons of  new and used books that are available on how to make hand crafted jewelry.  It dosn't't take a rocket scientist to do this. It simply  takes a love of  creating.

     You can  also go to bead stores. New bead stores are popping up everywhere. Most of them have classes or you can just simply ask them what you want to know.  For example, take your item to the bead store and ask " What kind of clasp do I need on this bracelet and how do I attach it ?" They will tell you exactly what you need as well as show you any tools that might be needed. You only have to ask one time  and then you can run home and make tons of  different bracelets all with the same clasp. After awhile you will find alternative clasp that you will want to try. At this point  you should feel  more at ease and should be able to attempt them on your own.  Soon you will be using lots of different clasp and probably getting to the point where you might want to design your own closure ! This applies to all parts of your jewelry. Ask the first question and then you can take off on your own.

    Take a peek at other sellers hand crafted jewelry . Spend an evening just looking at listings.  This  is the best way to get your creative juices flowing.  The inspiration you get from doing this is priceless. There is absolutely tons of gorgeous hand crafted jewelry on auction.

   I can say that it's a trial an error process. I didn't sit down and design a bracelet and make it instantly.   My very first design was actually a Domino bracelet. I loved the idea but  had no idea how to put it together. So I fumbled  { fumbling is good and  is a learning  process :o) My neighbor taught me how to drill holes in the Domino.  I then fumbled some more while putting on jump rings to connect the Dominos. Thats when I found out that jump rings come in different sizes and gauges for a reason !:o) I quickly learned that each process takes you  thru a new  valuable learning experience that you will use again and again.  

   Dont be afraid to design or  try something different . Thats what it's all about. Creating a piece that will make you stand out in the crowd is the idea.  If your style is  is not the norm then thats even better. You can become a  trend setter.  People   used to say to me that they couldn't believe the things that I use to make jewelry . Now they drop by with these same  items and want it made into jewelry.

    Choose something you love.  Take your time and think about how it can be recycled .Ask yourself questions . Would this peace make a great pendant fpr a necklace or should I string a few together for a bracelet ?  Once that's decided then the rest is easy. If  you get stuck and need help along the way then ask questions and continue on untill your fabulous piece is complete. It's simply that easy !:o)

     Here are a few more pics of items made from found objects. The first three are book markers.







   Now you see jewelry made out of old typewriter keys, Scrabble game pieces, Monopoly game pieces and is that a vintage bus ticket ? Yep it sure is :o)    

                                Have Fun ~ Click on "Sell"

    Last but not least is to  have fun and SELL it !  There is no way that you cannot  have fun if you are doing something you love. Not only will you get to have fun doing something you love but you will recieve loads of encouragement from your buyers as well as meet some fabulous people from all over the world. Now be BRAVE and click on "sell' on ebay and you are on your way. Someone out there will love your beautiful hand crafted jewelry and actually buy it from you :o)  Thanks to the power of ebay, mine are being sold in both France and Italy. Hmmmmm.....and I remember when I said to the lady at the bead store " What is a jump ring ? "

     Oh my, I just realized that I  have used up all my 'junk "I have nothing left to make any more jewelry.. The only thing I have left are my pencils. Hmmmm...think someone might like a pencil watch ? ;o)


Check out  sweet memories typewriter bracelets  for more jewelry made with found objects.  

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