How To Get Traffic To Your Auctions !

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From my experience on ebay if you have an auction. The time when buyers on eBay even notice, is toawrd the ending of the auction. So I like to Advertise before hand to help increase viewers , watchers , even bidders just on the first cupple of days. So that when the end of auction comes even more are ready to fight for the win. Understand? How do I advertise successfully ? I list 40 items at most ,and sell 35-38 of them. So my sold list is much more than my unsold list which i belive makes a "GOOD SELLER" anyone can list 4,000 items but can they sale most of them? Do they know how ? Or does most end up in the unsold list most likely. If the item is good yes, it will most likely sell on its own but, some items need help they need more pathways "Advertisment that links to the auction." So here is how I advertise outside ebay.

First of all I advertise ,and always encourage people to buy from eBay!!

1. I post my auctions to classifieds that allow url to be posted.

2. Build Mailing list to keep buyers informed w/ updates.

3.Packaging w/ a note encouraging the customers to come back and visit my store again.

4.Forum & Blog Commenting

5. Creating A Website , Blog , Forum, Community , MessageBoard

6. Refering people from social networking sites examples: Facebook , Myspace, Twitter, Freindster & So on.

7. Listing you store url/link to Url Submissions (Most are Free)

8. Making Videos & uploading them on VideoHost. 

9. Advertising Locally As Well Flyers, Cards , Car Stickers & Word of Mouth

10. Write a Couple of Guides as im doing now.

message me on eBay if you want further assistance.

-Auggiethepiggie  Hope all this information is usefull  Thank you.

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