How To Get The Most From Ebay, And Make A Profit!

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This guide will walk you through learning the steps of ebay, as well as keeping your eyes open for those "iffy" Or "fake" Items. Learn how to purchase items and re-sell and make a profit. Learn how to win Any Auction. And Best of all, Make Ebay Your Main Income!.

I decided to write my fellow Ebay-er's, If you will, A guide, Not for my gain, but for yours! Ebay is a link to many items you may be missing in your living room, It may be the key to your old locked chest. Ebay holds the key to endless possibilities! I was introduced into ebay by my father, Regularly Posting items for him to sell, And researching for car parts for his beloved collector. And now, I will teach you, in an easy step-by-step manner, On how to profit, off of ebay! Dont bother with those Info-mercials on tv, They will just say the same thing i will say!

-How To win ANY Item:

This step, Is generally For High-Speed Internet connected users only, However, can prove usefull on dial-up when you have mastered it! Open ebay in one internet-exploring window, And open another for ebay. (two total) Now we will go to "bobs auction" Bobs auction ends in 5 minutes. Ignore one window, Open the other, And press "place a bid" it will ask you how much total you want to bid, and to confirm your bid, do NOT confirm the bid. Now, Open your other window, And keep refreshing the internet page, So you can Place your bid, at the last 5-15 seconds, In the other window that has already been prepared to place the bid. This way we are reducing the total time to bid, and you get in your bid at the last second, Getting your item, at the cheapest price possible! This Technique, Is called "Sniping"

-Finding your "item subject"

Your item subject, is generally, the subject, or type of items you are selling. For example, It is best to succeed in one area of items like Computer Parts. This way, you can master the prices, and log them, and compare, and come up with the best profit. You can usually turn your hobby, into an ebay business! The only thing you really need, is desire! For example, Lets say i will start up an ebay store for computer parts. I will search ebay for cheap, used, or new computer parts at the lowest price possible, And i will record those prices and part number. I will search the part number and original price for stores, and see if i can turn a profit.


You can also purchase computer parts (that work together of course) And build a computer, to resell! This often will turn a 10-25% profit. The same goes for cars, models, clothes, furniture, jewelry or anything else! Example, Buy cheap car parts, and finish that car that has been sitting in the driveway, for WAY too long, and sell it on ebay! Why sell my car on ebay? Well, Because Thousands of people will view your vehicle, Which is alot more then people driving by and looking, Right? Thus creating a group of people who want your car or other item.. The more watchers, the better!

-Listing a successfull Auction

Listing an auction, and making it true, is the key to a profit. Be honost about your item, And describe it to the best of your ability. Not only will this show that you are honost, it will assure buyers its what they want, and your the person to buy it from! Writing a smaller less descriptive description of your item, will show users you really dont care, or do not know about the item, thus, they view the auction, and leave. Also, Take some pictures, Show your item off, Take the time in your auctions, and get more watchers, and more bids.

-Watching out for SCAMS

Scams are Very popular on ebay, but once you know how to spot them, they are no biggie- Plus ebay does a VERY good job of removing "iffy" Auctions. If you see something that looks fishy, dont message the user, just report the listing to Ebay.

JEWELRY SCAMS: If you are not sure about a peice of jewelry you want to buy.. Dont be afraid to message the buyer, and ask politely for their telephone number. Talking on the telephone regarding an expensive item, Is KEY to avoiding scammers. Watch out for "Old" Coins!!! Many coins are usually the metal they state to be, But, they are reproducted peices, that are stamped. If the coin is unusually old, and in Unusually good shape.. Message the buyer, and ask of the history of the item.

Why Communication is the key to success:

Communicate with buyers or sellers, show you care, show time, effort and patience. This will get you good feedback, and a happy buyer or seller. This is also a good way to avoid scams, and a great way to have a customer re-visit you.

-Making An Ebay Store

Making an ebay store will take much effort, and much determination. Keeping your store in stock, With good feedback, can get you a great income. A great way to attract buyers, is Cheap, and HONOST shipping. Many ebay users will Make a rediculous shipping fee, so they can profit off of that too.. make the shipping cost as low as you can, This is a definate way to attract bids and buyers!



I hope this guide has given you some good pointers, to get the most out of ebay!

This guide was Written By Ryan Lewis.

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