How To Find The Perfect Niche to Sell

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Everone is always looking for that perfect item to sell that is going to make alot of money, but the truth is, not many people are going to get rich selling on Ebay, but it sure helps cover those extras if you get serious about it. I am totally convinced that ANYONE can sell on Ebay. You do not have to have alot of money to sell on Ebay. I have heard so many people ask where do I buy wholesale, but you do not have to spend very much money at all to get started on Ebay. For starters, it takes many trials and errors to find that perfect item to sell on Ebay that makes you both happy to sell and brings in a regular income. I am often asked by people if they can make a living selling on Ebay and I say yes, I believe you can but it is alot of hard work and takes alot of time to get to that point. More than anything, it takes time to get started on Ebay. There is no magic pill and most people do not make it overnight on Ebay. There is only a small number of people who actually do make it big immediately. I call them the lucky few who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth to start with, BUT with a small amount of money and LOTS of time, you can get to the point where you make money on ebay that is considered a nice amount. You have to dig in your heels and decide that you want this more than anything else that you ever wanted and each time you fall down, get up and go again. I personally believe that  the ones that complain constantly about the high fees, and other negative things they feel is going on with Ebay, that they will never make it because they are too involved with everything that is wrong and are unable to look at the things that are right. They look at the negative only and as a result can not work on making Ebay work for them. So many people say that there are too many people selling on Ebay, so they drop out quickly. I have the attitude that there is enough to go around for everybody and that it takes time to build up your loyal customer base

I have been selling on Ebay since 1999. I spent many years wondering what to sell. I thought I would never find that perfect Niche item. I would sell many items around my house but could not find anything that made me more than a few dollars. I wanted to be able to bring in a nice regular income on Ebay, so I kept looking. I know that I wanted to have something that was fun to sell. I sold many things that I just did not get a good feeling about. I would see others selling the same item and they would sell it for big bucks but I could not make more than just a few dollars on the very same item. Mine would even be in better shape than their's but their's would sell for alot more. I really believe my attitude was reflected in the listing. The excitement for that item was just not there and it came through in my listings. It is very important to sell only things you enjoy and love.

 Back in 2001, someone at a garage sale gave me huge amount of books to sell. I paid $5 for the whole batch. They wanted to just get rid of them. It took me 2 trips with my car packed front to back and to the ceiling to get all the books. I had them stashed in my garage, in closets and corners. I absolutely loved to read but these were a mountain of books and some were just not my cup of tea, so to speak, so I thought I will sell them on Ebay. I started selling them one at a time and I couldn't believe the money I made on books. Well, I was hooked. I started selling on also when it was only one year old and in just a few hours I had sold 10 books and made alot of money doing that. I couldn't list them fast enough before they would sell. I didn't know it but I had just fallen into what I call my Niche. I loved books in the first place, then I found a way to be able to make money from what I loved most. The thing I was amazed at was the amount of books that are out there. Everywhere I went, people practically gave them away. They begged me to just take them. When friends and family found out that I was selling books, they wanted to help. Some days I would even wake up and find boxes of books on my door step. I would get calls from people who would say if you come pick up all my books, I will give them to you. I would take my pick-up and head on over and load it up full. The point I am trying to make here, is, when you find your niche, you will have huge amounts to sell. It will just fall into your lap and you will not have to pay huge amounts for your item. In fact, NEVER go into debt to sell on Ebay. I only go to garage sales and library book sales and pay only a few cents for my books.

My advice to you is to start researching Ebay to see what is selling good. Start looking at items that you have a interest in. See which ones are selling pretty regular on Ebay for a good amount, then start going to garage sales and pick up a few items. Spend only a few cents on some things at first. Bring them home and start listing them in auction. Once you decide what you want to sell, and you acquire a large enough number, then open a Ebay store to help cut down on the cost of Ebay fees. It doesn't take thousands of items to have a store, but only the amount you feel will create a nice profit. If you are not going to be happy with a small profit to begin with, then Ebay isn't for you. Do NOT quit your job thinking you are going to get rich right away. Ebay allows everyone to be able to start out part-time. You can do it in your spare time. I love Ebay because my husband has a nice income that allows me the time and money to work on making my Ebay grow. Ebay is perfect for the person who wants to stay home with their children and make some extra income.

The biggest lesson I have learned with my store is that it takes time to build up Ebay to have a regular income. I had recently built up my store to where I had a really nice amount coming in, but I am changing my store and what I sell in it, so it has temporarily slowed down, but I enjoy the challenge of growing my business, so I am not discouraged in anyway. I sell books mostly but sell many items I find at garage sales too. Just remember, to dig in your heels and make a commitment to make Ebay work for you.

This is updated information: One thing I have learned over the last 2 years about powersellers was a big surprise for me. I wanted to be a powerseller so badly so I kept watching other powersellers that were selling alot of books. One thing I learned about other powersellers selling books was they were selling hundreds for .99 or even less and there was no way they were making any money. A lightbulb came on and it made me realise that all they were interested in was the title and not the money in selling. It is true. I use to sell things like Avon and many of those people wanted to be the top sellers and many times would buy the product themselves just to be tops and they would get alot of recognition and pats on the back. Also, when you see powersellers from other countries, their ability to become a powerseller is alot less than what it is here in the U.S. All they have to do is consistently sell 100 items 3 months in a row to make it. So, many times you see them selling ebooks for a penny and they make it easily. Now, it is called feedback manipulation when you sell anything at a penny. Here in the U.S., it is required you sell $1,000.00 a month for 3 months in a row to make powerseller. When I first started, I was going to the powersellers in other countries and asking alot of questions about how to be a powerseller and getting alot of answers and it took me a while to figure out that I needed to ask U.S. Powersellers for advice. Still, learn to do research for yourself in the end because we each of us has it in ourselves to be a powerseller

I want to encourage each of you reading this to never give up on selling on ebay. Anyone can do it, but it does take time and effort and a small amount of money each month to make it


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