How To Find Parts, Repair & Clean A Bach Trumpet

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How To Find Parts, Repair & Clean A Bach Trumpet
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Save $$$ by cleaning and repairing your own Bach trumpet.
Free technical support and access to the parts/materials to do it just like a professional.
If a beginning band student can do it, so can you!

Over the years I have answered many repair questions regarding the repair of Bach trumpets. In many cases the problems are corrected quite easily by cleaning the horn and rebuilding it. Depending upon where you live, repair shops charge $50-100 to clean a trumpet alone. Usually that does not include parts. All the parts in one of our rebuild kits retail for around $40.00 If you clean and rebuild your own trumpet, you can save over $75.00 on average! Not only will you save a lot of money on repair costs, you will also take a great deal of pride in your accomplishment after the job is complete.

 Here is a list of the most common Bach trumpet problems
and how cleaning and rebuilding your Bach trumpet will correct them...

Sticking Valves - Lime build up, food particles, dried up oils and other deposits can cause sluggish valves.
Slow Valve Response - Often, this is due to worn springs or a combination of dirty valves and worn springs.
Wobbling Valves - Often this is due to worn valve guides.
Clicking Valves - Your felts and/or valve stem corks are worn or missing.
Pitch and/or Compression Fluctuation - Usually this is a leaking water key cork or a worn water key spring.

What Do I Need?
First of all, you will need to get some good
cleaning brushes and a quality horn cleaning soap...


    Cleaning Brushes and Horn Soap

Next, you need to purchase the rebuild kit that is right
for your Bach trumpet or other instrument...

View All Our Instrument Rebuild Kits

The Bandroom sells many parts for all makes and models of bach trumpets and cornets.
We also offer FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT! We have been repairing musical instruments for many years and are happy to speak with you regarding any musical instrument repair. We have many eBay guides listed here that explains several repairs. However, we have also walked many customers through some very difficult repairs over the phone and via email and we are happy to do the same for you!


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