How To Determine Your PS2 Playstation 2 Version

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How To Determine Your PS2 Playstation 2 Version

Follow this guide to determine your PS2 version. The GH-XXX or GH-XXX-XX number on the motherboard determines the version. Determining your version will help you find the parts you need.

SCPH-XXXXX number refers to the number on the back of the PS2. Models SCPH-39001/N and SCPH-50001/N are on the left side of the PS2. Slim models SCPH number is on the bottom. Date code refers to the small box near where the SCPH number is displayed.

GH-XXX  (big models) and GH-XXX-XX (slim models) refers to the number on the motherboard - The number is marked on the motherboard either right under the heatsink or on the bottom where the metal shielding is.

Please contact me if your SCPH or GH number is not listed and I will attempt to find out what version it is. If someone else sees this and knows other SCPH or GH numbers and what version they are please contact me via ebays messages system (perfectosolutions). Thanks and I hope this helps. This guide is best viewed at 1024x768 resolution. Last Updated 3/21-22/08 (Updated SCPH-79001 and added Slim Laser Compatibility)


Does your PS2 have 6, 8, or 10 screws/screw covers on the bottom of the case?

10 Screws

Remove the 10 screws and the top cover. What is connecting the power/eject switch (front of PS2) (blue and green button lights)?

Silver Ribbon Cable         White Wiring Harness

You have version 3          You have version 1 or 2

SCPH-30001: GH-006     Version 1: GH-004

SCPH-30002: GH-007     Version 2: GH-005

SCPH-30003: GH-007

SCPH-30004: GH-007




8 Screws

Version 4        Version 4 and 5/6   Version 7/8          Version 9/10/11         

SCPH-30001   SCPH-30001 R     SCPH-39001          SCPH-50001            

SCPH-30002   SCPH-30002 R     SCPH-39002          SCPH-50002            

SCPH-30003   SCPH-30003 R     SCPH-39003          SCPH-50003            

SCPH-30004   SCPH-30004 R     SCPH-39004          SCPH-50004(11)       

SCPH-35001                              SCPH-39008          SCPH-50005             

SCPH-35002  Version 4: GH-010                              SCPH-50006             

SCPH-35003                  GH-011

SCPH-35004                  GH-012  Version 7: GH-017  Version 9:  GH-023   

SCPH-35005                  GH-013                  GH-018                   GH-024                    

GH-010                          GH-014                  GH-019                                                  

GH-011          Version 5: GH-015                  GH-020  Version 10: GH-026

GH-012          Version 6: GH-015                  GH-021  Version 11: GH-027

GH-013           Diff between v 5/6 Version 7/8: GH-022                   GH-029

GH-014           Is connector on mb


6 Screws

Version 12

SCPH-70000 CB

SCPH-70002 CB

SCPH-70003 CB

SCPH-70006 CB

SCPH-70007 CB

SCPH-70004 CB ?

SCPH-70011 CB

SCPH-70012 CB






Version 13          Version 14              Version 15

SCPH-70001       SCPH-75001           SCPH-77001a (version 15a) GH-051-02

SCPH-70004       SCPH-75004           SCPH-77001b (version 15b) GH-051-52

GH-032-13          GH-036-51              SCPH-77002a GH-051-02

                          GH-037-01             SCPH-77004 

                          GH-037-22             GH-052-02


Version 16, 17, 18 ?





SCPH-90000 (built in power supply - no transformer)



Other ways to check what version you have

    - You have a Version 10 (USA/CANADA ONLY) for SCPH-50001 if your date code is 3D or 4C (GH-026).

    - If you have SCPH-50002, SCPH-50003, or SCPH-50004 (EUROPE/AUSTRALIA ONLY)and find an "a" next to the 2, 3, or 4, then you have a Version 10 (GH-026). Otherwise, if there is no "a", then it is a Version 9 (GH-023 or GH-024?).

    - If you have a SCPH-5000X, startup the browser with no game and press Triangle and see what the DVD Drive Version is. 3.00 = V9, 3.02 = V10

    - If you have SCPH-50000, SCPH-50001, SCPH-50002, SCPH-50003, or SCPH-50004, then you have a Version 9 (GH-023).

    - You have a Version 9 for SCPH-50001 and SCPH-50010 if your date code is 3A, 3B, or 3C (GH-023).


Additional Information (work in progress)

    - If you do not know the DVD Parental Control password for playing DVD movies, when it asks for the password, press select and enter 7444. It should ask for a new password :)

Planning on adding laser compatibility...


Slim Laser Compatibility (incomplete) - This only applies to systems that have the Sony warranty seal intact and not voided. Make sure that your laser matches up with the laser that the seller is selling to be sure that you have the correct laser for your system.

SCPH-70012 Date Code 5A takes SPU-3170 Laser

SCPH-75001 Date Code 5A (warranty seal on bottom) takes PVR-802W? Laser
SCPH-75001 Date Code 5B (warranty seal on bottom) takes PVR-802W? Laser

SCPH-75001 Date Code 5C (warranty seal on bottom) takes SPU-3170 Laser
SCPH-75001 Date Code 5D (warranty seal on bottom) takes SPU-3170 Laser

SCPH-75001 Date Code 6A (warranty seal on bottom) takes SPU-3170 Laser

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