How To Choose A Baby Wearing Device

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The Need To Know On Baby Carriers

When you first think about baby wearing you may be thinking of the "hands free" moments or the bonding moments you'll receive with that carrier holding your little close to you. They are just 2 of the great reasons to baby wear.

Baby wearing has become a way for most moms to get their chores done while snuggling and soothing their little ones. I started baby wearing my son with a Moby wrap  when he was 3 months old, we found the moby to be a little too much wrapping and too much fabric. From the moby we upgraded to a Maya Ring Sling at 6 months, which we still have to this day. The Maya Ring Sling is adjustable, soft and comfortable. Ring Slings often have a longer tail which you could use as a nursing cover if you would like. From the Ring Sling we moved to a Ergo carrier which we used until he was almost 2 years old. Ergo is an ergonomically correct carrier that holds your child's legs into a "M" shape. The Ergo carrier is great for infants and the beginning stages of toddler-hood. Ergo allows front carries as well as back carries and is categorized as a soft structure carrier, its buckles allow for simple adjusting. My son is now 2.5 years old and we love our toddler sized Tula. These carriers have allowed me to do simple tasks such as laundry, dishes, cooking, grocery shopping and many more all while soothing and bonding with my little guy as he grows.

How To Choose The Right Carrier For You And Your Little One

In an ideal world you would have access to a lending library but that's not always the case. It is easiest to watch some youtube videos and see what appeals to your style the most, keeping your age and developments of your child in mind. Back carries should not be attempted until your child can sit up unassisted. Some people prefer wraps which are long pieces of specific fabrics that can be wrapped many ways to carry your baby safely, the best way to picture this is to think of people in African or Asian countries who have been doing this for eons. Others may prefer structured carriers such as Ergo or Tula, these are both back panels of fabric with buckles attached. Almost all carriers on the market now are safe for back carry and front carry, always read your manual first. If you choose a back carrier and have not yet attempted a back carry, it is suggested you practice over a bed so if you slip in your handing or the carrier has not grasped your child fully that your child will still be safe. 
As a universal carrier I found Maya Ring Slings to be the easiest for all sizes. When children are very small its easiest to fold their legs into a frog shape and pull the fabric a little underneath them making sure the shoulder fabric is spread over your shoulder. As they age and their legs grow you can leave their legs out and pull some fabric in towards their belly buttons while still making sure the fabric is tight over your shoulder. From infant to toddler the Maya Ring Sling is "permastash" (part of the permanent baby carriers) for us.

Get out there and youtube "babywearing" and see what comes up. Never be afraid to ask questions and if baby wearing interests you, see if you can help a new mom learn it too! 
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