How Polarized Sunglasses Work

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For those who spend most of their time outdoors,  polarized sunglasses are an absolute must. These lenses have been worn by fishermen, golfers, and water skiers, just to name a few. However, polarized lenses have soared in popularity as more people have become aware of their ability to provide eyesight protection.
Many have found that wearing polarized glasses gives them added protection from harmful ultraviolet sunlight while keeping their eyesight comfortable and intact against glare. 
Glare is not typically an issue as most surfaces are uneven, such that of a rocky or gravel driveway. When a surface is uneven, light scatters. By contrast, light reflected from surfaces such as a flat road or a smooth, shiny building travels in a horizontal direction, rather than scattering in all directions. This non-scattering of light is what causes that annoying and sometimes even dangerous glare that we have all encountered when driving or enjoying outdoor activities.
Embedded within the polarized lens is a chemical film which blocks light. An easier way to think of it would be to think of the way that venetian blinds operate. Polarized sunglasses protect your eyes in a like manner. Not only do these lenses make doing your favorite outdoor activity more comfortable, they also help to make your vision somewhat sharper so that you can improve your golf or tennis game, or have better luck with catching that 100-pound bass. If skiing is your sport of choice you will want to look for  snow goggles
While polarized lenses can be great to protect your eyes, it is not advisable to use them all the time. Instances in which polarized lenses should not be used are when you are using any kind of electronic devise as it will be harder to see the screen with them. As explained earlier polarized lenses block light, which can be ideal for outdoor activities but not so great for when you actually need to see the light projected through these electronic devices.
Your eyesight is very important. Just as your skin needs protection from damage that can be caused by too much exposure to sunlight, your eyes require special protection as well. By wearing polarized sunglasses you are not only providing a safe and comfortable way for you to be able to enjoy your outdoor leisure and sporting activities; you are providing yourself with the long-term benefits that can come from protecting your eyes. The next time you find yourself in the market for sunglasses, consider purchasing polarized lenses.
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