How Do I Transfer My Phone Number to A New Cell Phone?

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How Do I Transfer My Phone Number to A New Cell Phone?

1. Keep your current cell phone account until you receive your new phone, do not cancel your current account. If you cancel your current account first, your number will be lost. Please note that until you complete the transfer process you will have two active accounts, one with your old service provider and one with your new service provider, and you will be responsible for all charges on both accounts.

2. When you sign up for your new cell phone account, use the same billing name, billing address, and social security number as your current account.

3. Your current and new cell phone accounts must be in the same area code. You cannot request to change your area code and keep only the last seven digits of your phone number.

4. Once you receive your new phone, call your new service provider (call the Customer Service numbers listed in the column on the right) to request that your phone number be moved to your new cell phone. Note, your account with your old service provider will be canceled as part of the phone number transfer process.

Before you purchase a new phone check with your current service provider about:

1. Whether you are responsible for early termination fees. Call to make sure your current service contract has ended.

2. Whether you will be charged a fee for taking your number with you. Call to find out if they impose such a fee.

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