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How Clean IBM ThinkPad T40/p T41/p T42/p T43/p CPU Fan

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How Clean IBM ThinkPad T40/p T41/p T42/p T43/p CPU Fan
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How Clean IBM ThinkPad T40/p T41/p T42/p T43/p CPU Fan

T40/p T41/p is short CPU Fan. T42/p T43/p is long CPU Fan. The cleaning way is the same.

My T40's CPU fan had a big noise, even if I removed it and add some oil, the noice is still there after weeks and I could hear there is KaKaKa... low sound inside. Before buying a new part(30USD), I decide to fight a losing battle and repair it by myself.

1.  remove battery.(ebay guide only allow 10 photos, so as for how to remove batter, please see T4x PDF manual on line)

h ttp://members.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewUserPage&userid=hellowifi

2. remove the screws on the back(keyboard and Plamset)

Notice: there is a keyboard cable between keyboard and mainboard. please put if out carefully.

3. Remove CPU Fan(there is 3 screws, please loose each a bit, then loose another one a bit... to avoid the CPU was damaged).Please put the CPU Fan cable very carefully from mainboard.

4. important! Remove the Fan from cooper heatpipe piece. There are 4 rivets made by aluminum, you can grind them by a file or screws(rivets without head). I am using this like Michael Scofield.

5. The put the fan off. Don't bend the mental plate(CPU cannot touch the plate).

Then you coulf find how dirty it is. Clean Fan, small hole in bearing and copper fan outlet heatpipe piece. Put one drop of oil in the hole of bearing.


Oil: Motorcycle Oil. High quality Machine Oil.

6. Final. Then assemble the CPU Fan back.

World is quilt again,right?

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