How Can I Repair Scratches in My Windshield?

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How Can I Repair Scratches in My Windshield?

Scratches are a common occurrence in cars and can happen anytime and anywhere, even when the user is extra careful about choosing the best roads and right parking spots. One such scratch that occurs infrequently, or frequently depending on your luck, is on the windshield. Debris such as small stones are kicked up by the air or other cars and hit your windshield glass while driving. Some can be minor and fine, others deep. Other scratches can be created by your own windshield wiper blades.

Many windshield scratches, however, are easy to repair. The damage can be fixed by a car owner instead of taking the vehicle in for repair. All that users need to repair these scratches is a simple windshield repair kit, time and patience. Deeper scratches and those that have caused extensive cracks, probably require purchasing a new windshield to replace the scratched one. Whether users want to buy a new windshield or a windshield repair kit, they can find it in automobile retail stores and online marketplaces like eBay Motors.


Repairing a Windshield Scratch

Repairing a windshield scratch is fairly easy, provided the user has the right tools and some time. A list of detailed step-by-step instructions is given below to help users identify and repair windshield scratches of all sizes. Many stores and online outlet will sell full repair kits, while others first clean the entire windshield using fine steel wool and a clean cloth.

Step 1

The first step is to identify the location of the scratches on the car’s windshield. They can sometimes be hard to notice when the user is not driving. Therefore, the user has to look closely at the window to identify the scratches.

Step 2

Once the scratches are located, you have to identify whether or not they're so deep that you can't remove them. You can do that simply by running your finger over the scratch to see if it's a surface scratch or a deep scratch. Users can either make a list of the scratches and work on all of them at the same time, or they can work on one scratch at a time. If the user plans to combine more than one scratch, then it is a good idea to make a note of the places where there are scratches to ensure that nothing is missed.

Step 3

The next step is to get all the materials needed for repairing the windshield. Users can use polishing discs, resins, or other homemade concoctions to remove the scratches. The choice of a particular product depends to a large extent on the number of scratches, the user’s budget, and his or her personal preference for a specific scratch removal method. The method described here uses the suction tool and resins for removing the scratches.

Step 4

After gathering the materials needed to remove scratches, such as the windshield scratch remover, users should cover the paintwork to ensure that the car’s body does not become damaged in any way. Once this is done, users should take a box cutter or razor blade and pick out any loose glass pieces on the windshield. This is important because the small loose pieces can damage the equipment used for cleaning, so they should be removed before the repair process begins.

Step 5

After the glass pieces are removed, users should clean the damaged windshield area with a glass cleaner or distilled water. Users should allow sufficient time for the area to dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 6

The next step is to use the suction cup tool directly over the damaged area of the windshield. The threaded center of the suction tool should be directly above the scratch or the chipped area of the windshield. Users can adjust this tool to get the right position. This position is important for repair, so users should recheck this position before proceeding to the next step.

Step 7

Once the suction tool is placed above the damaged area, users should then insert the repair tube through the center of the suction tool. The tube should be screwed in tightly by hand. No tools are needed for this task.

Step 8

When the suction tool is in place, users should open a tube of resin and add it to the suction tool through the repair tube. It is ideal to use about four drops of resin because too little can lengthen the repair process.

Step 9

After pouring the resin, users should then insert the center plunger into the repair tube. Push it down and tighten it all the way towards the end. This ensures that the resin is pushed down to the windshield and the added pressure from the plunger makes the resin work better on the scratches.

Step 10

Once the resin penetrates the windshield glass, users should gently remove the suction tool completely. After removing the tool, users should place a clear film over the moist area where the resin was used. It is also a good idea to use duct tape on either side of the thin film to ensure that it does not slip off after some time.

Step 11

Users should leave this film on for about fifteen minutes or so. Users should then remove the film and check to see if the resin has dried completely. If it is dry, users should check to see if the scratches are removed. If users are not satisfied with the results, they can apply more resin and use a thin film to cover it again.

Step 12

Finally, users should remove all the tools, including the film, and then scrape off any additional resin present on the windshield.

Alternate Repair Options

Resins are not the only option available for users to remove scratches on their windshield. They can also use options such as polishing discs and in some cases, where the scratches are heavy, users should even consider replacing the windshield completely.

Using Polishing Disks

Users can use a polishing disc to remove the scratches on their windshield. They should choose a polishing disc and connect it to a buffing machine. Once this is done, users should start the pump on the buffing machine and gently buff the scratched areas for a few minutes until the scratch is removed. If the scratches are deep, then users should replace the polishing disk and start buffing the area again.

Replacing the Windshield

Users should replace the windshield when there are too many scratches on it or if the windshield is damaged substantially. Usually, if the car is involved in an accident, the windshield is heavily damaged and, in such cases, replacing the windshield is an easier option.

Tips and Tricks for Repairing Scratches

Repairing scratches is fairly easy, but there are some things that users should not do while repairing. The tips and tricks mentioned below help users repair the scratches without causing further damage to the windshield area.

  • Users can buy a polishing kit that includes all the tools and materials they need instead of shopping for the required items individually. This helps them save money, as well as time and effort.
  • Sandpaper should not be used for cleaning the windshield glass, as this results in more scratches.
  • Plastic polishers give a transparent finish, so they should be avoided if possible.
  • Glass polishing compounds work well for deep scratches. Users should apply a thick layer of this compound with a piece of rag over the windshield area and then run the polishing head of the power buffer over it.
  • If users are not planning to use the buffer machine frequently, then they should look for renting options. This works out cheaper than buying these machines.
  • To make it easier to wipe the windshield surface, users can keep the wipers aside using duct tape.
  • Users should avoid tap water for cleaning because the chemicals present in the tap water can cause more damage to the windshield.
  • While pressing down the plunger on the repair tube, users should loosen the plunger briefly before tightening it again as this allows the bubbles to escape.

Buying Windshield Toolkits and Glass on eBay Motors

You can remove windshield scratches easily provided you have the right tools, and you can find all the tools you need for this job on eBay Motors. Thousands of sellers from around the world sell their goods on eBay Motors, so you are sure to find the exact tools you need. Finding the product you want is easy on eBay Motors when you use the search feature found on every page. When you type the kind of product you need, all the products that are relevant to your search will be displayed. For example, if you are looking for a "polishing disc," then type the same in the search box to get all the polishing disc listings. From this list, you can choose the model that you like the best.

eBay Motors is also the right place to buy a replacement windshield for your car. To get to the right windshield, you can type the car’s make and model into the search box. Otherwise, you can simply type "replacement windshields," and this will bring up all the replacement windshields listed on the site.

Top-rated Sellers

You can choose to buy from Top-rated Sellers on eBay to ensure that you get excellent customer service and prompt delivery. These sellers have the highest buyer ratings and a consistent track record of selling high quality products on eBay.


Scratches are a major part of owning and driving a car because other cars and objects tend to rub the car at some point. While some scratches require a professional to repair them, there are other scratches that can be repaired by the user, and one such scratch is the windshield scratch. Users need the right tools and knowledge to make these repairs, and one of the best places to find all the tools that users need for this task is eBay Motors. This online marketplace has a wide selection of different tools needed for repairing scratches on windshields.

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