Hoover SteamVac Carpet Shampooers F7431-900 Dual V V2

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Hoover SteamVac Dual V / V2 Carpet Shampooer / Steamer / Cleaner / Extractor Models F7425-900, F7431-900, F7226-900, F7225-900, F7205-900 and others.

Hello and welcome to my guide to SteamVac Dual V carpet shampooers. I operate a business refurbishing Hoover, Bissell, and Eureka shampooers and hard floor cleaners. During the past two years I've worked on literally hundreds of Hoover Dual V machines and I'd like to share my experience with these models - good and bad.

Let me start by saying that, in my opinion and based on laboratory testing, the Hoover Dual V series is the best performing home carpet shampooer you can buy. You will find these machines under a dozen or more different model numbers. There are really only two different series, the F74xx-900 and the F72xx-900 groups. Any model that begins with F74 is a Dual V Widepath and any model that begins with F72 is a Dual V. There are only two differences between the two model series: The F74 Dual V Widepath has a 14" cleaning path with 6 rotary brushes and has an automatic rinse feature. The F72 Dual V has an 11" cleaning path with 5 rotary brushes and manual rinse. Why so many different model numbers? Hoover sells machines to major national retailers on an exclusive basis. For example, let's look at the Dual V Widepath - F74 series. If you walk into a Hoover dealer, they will show you a model F7425-900. This is Hoover's standard dealer model of the Dual V Widepath. However, go to a Sears store and you'll find the exact same machine marked model F7431-900. The difference? The color of the handles and latches. That's it. Exact same machine at the exact same wholesale price. You will also see these machines referred to as Dual V and V2. The difference? Nothing. Same unit, just different names.

Now, what is so great about the Hoover Dual V series. Well, it's all in the name - Dual V. Dual V or V2 referrers to the nozzle design. Rather than one open nozzle, the Dual V nozzle is divided into sections to concentrate suction all along the cleaning path. This is a much more efficient design than any other home carpet shampooer. It develops more suction and leaves the carpet dryer than any other design. In addition, the rotary brushes do a much better job than drum style brushes. The Dual V forces hot air to the cleaning path providing the same heat rise as machines with water heaters. Dual V's have fingertip controls for solution, wash, rinse, and power.

What's wrong with the Dual V? Nothing really. Nothing that effects the job they so. The Hoover Dual V costs a little more, they weigh a couple of pounds more than other machines, and they are loud - very loud. You may have heard that the solution tanks break on these machines. This was in fact a design problem, but it was fixed two years ago. Just make sure that any used machine you buy has the upgraded tank. Parts and accessories are not difficult to find, just go to my eBay store: Budget Saver

What should you look for when bidding on a used Hoover Dual V? These are complicated machines, make sure the seller fully tests used, open box, or store return units with water and offers a warranty. Carpet shampooers are difficult to pack and ship. Make sure the shipment is insured. The solution tanks are an issue on used or open box machines so be sure any used Dual V you bid on already has the new, upgraded tank and tank support. New tank kits run $39 to $59. Make sure the important accessories are included such as the hose, hose caddy, upholstery tool, and the turbine powered hand tool. These are necessary to clean stairs, upholstery, and stains. The seller should also provide a Hoover owner's manual. Watch shipping costs, I've seen shipping on this model range from $25 to $75.

Well, I hope this guide has been some help to you. If you need new machines, refurbished machines, shampoo, parts, or accessories please visit my eBay store: BudgetSaver

Thank you very much.

Steve Metzger (BudgetSaverFloorCare)






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