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Home Luxury Bedding,Sheets Set,Blankets Definitions A-C
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A-C, What is Cashmere Wool or Luxury Camel Hair/Camels Hair Bed Blankets? Luxury Home Bedding Definitions of Materials, Fabrics, Fibers for Sheets Sets, Duvet Sets, Bed Blankets, Pillowcases, Shams, Bedskirts, Beds & Mattresses for Sizes Queen, King, California King, Full, Twin. By Venus Rising Limited Specialty Italian Bedding.


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Sheets Sets, Blankets, Duvets Sets, Bedding & Home Textiles Definitions:




What is Absorbency : Ability of a fabric to take in moisture. Absorbency is important in that it affects many other characteristics including skin comfort, static build-up, shrinkage, stain removal, water repellency and wrinkle recovery. Absorbency is important in luxury cotton bedding such as Egyptian Cotton or Pure Cotton Sheet Sets and Sheets, Duvet Sets and Duvets. Cottons, including Egyptian Cotton and Pima Cotton, tend to have high absorbency rates and wick moisture away from the body to the fine linens. Absorbency is also an important factor in fine wools, with wool naturally wicking moisture from the body to keep temperature cool and balanced. Wools such as Superfine Australian Merino Wool, Pure Cashmere, Cashmere and Superfine Merino Wool blends or Silk and Merino Wool Blends are examples. The best blankets include Superfine Australian Merino Wool Bed Blankets, Pure Cashmere Bed Blankets, Cashmere and Superfine Merino Wool blended Bed Blankets and Silk and Merino Wool blended Bed Blankets. Excellent wool quality is also key for wool products such as Luxury Throw Blankets such as Superfine Australian Merino Wool Luxury Throws, Pure Cashmere Luxury Throw, Cashmere and Superfine Merino Wool blended Luxury Throw and Silk and Merino Wool blended Luxury Throws.


What is Acetate : A manufactured fiber formed by compound of cellulose, refined from cotton linters or wood pulp and acidic acid, which has been extruded through a spinneret, before hardening. Acetate is not used or blended in the finest bedsheets, such as those made of Egyptian Cotton or Pure Cotton, due to reduced breathability. Acetate does, however, add beautiful sheen or gloss and can be found in Luxury Bedding such as Comforters and Comforter Sets, or Specialty Bed Spread Sets or on Trim, Borders or Edging of Luxury Bed Blankets or Luxury Throws. Also an excellent accent in Home Accessories such Throw Pillows.


What is Acrylic : A manufactured fiber that is derived from polyacrylonitrile. Key properties of Acrylic include a soft, wool-like hand, ease of machine wash and dry and outstanding color retention. Acrylic can add excellent warmth and is often used alone or in blends in Luxury Bedding such as Bed Blankets, Throws or Throw Blankets. Often used domestically in Blankets and Throws, however extremely popular in European Specialty Bedding such as Italian Acrylic Bed Blankets and Italian Acrylic Throws and Throw Blankets.


What is Alpaca : A natural hair fiber obtained from the Alpaca sheep, which is a domesticated member of the Llama family. Uses for Fine Linens and Luxury Bedding include Alpaca Bed Blankets and Alpaca Luxury Throws or Throw Blankets. Alpaca may be used alone, or is often blended with other natural fibers to make Bed Blankets and Luxury Throws of blended of Alpaca and Superfine Wool, Mongolian Cashmere or Silk. Examples include Luxury Bedding blended specialty items such as Italian Alpaca and Superfine Merino Wool Bed Blankets, Italian Alpaca and Cashmere Bed Blankets or Alpaca and Silk Bed Blankets. For the Living Room, Library, Office, Den or Study, examples include Italian Alpaca and Superfine Merino Wool Throws or Throw Blankets, Italian Alpaca and Cashmere Throws or Throw Blankets or Alpaca and Silk Throws or Throw Blankets. Due to the fineness of the Noble fiber Mongolian Cashmere, Cashmere bedding is considered finer when comprised entirely of Pure Cashmere or blended with Merino Wool rather than with Alpaca. Alpaca fibers, when used in conjunction or blended with Cashmere, are a less fine fiber and used as a cheaper alternative to Merino Wools, producing far less superior Blankets or Throws.


What is Angora or Wool Angora: Hair of the Angora goat, otherwise known as Angora mohair. Angora is also a term that refers to rabbit fur however the U.S. Federal Trade Commission dictates that such items must be labeled "Angora rabbit hair." For Luxury Bedding, Luxury Linens and Home Accessories, Angora refers to Wool goat fibers and is used in specialty bedding or living room accessories such as Wool Bed Blankets, Luxury Wool Throws or Wool Throw Blankets. When used in Bed Blankets and Throw Blankets, Angora adds a fluffy appearance which is unusual and more three-dimensional in look. Angora does not however produce as heavy of a fabric or warmth and if more often used in Wool and Angora blended Throws for the Den, Living Room, Study or Office rather than in Bed Blankets. Superfine Merino Wool, Mongolian Cashmere or Silk Blends are considered superior for Bed Blanket production and provide higher levels of warmth and durability.




What is Barre : An imperfection, characterized by a ridge or mark running in the crosswise or lengthwise directions of the fabric. These can be attributed to improper tension variations during the knitting process, inferior or low-grade yarns or other problems occurring during the fabric finishing process. This occurs in what is known as "seconds" in bedding items inclusive of Egyptian Cotton or Pima Cotton Sheets, Egyptian Cotton or Pima Cotton Sheet Sets, Egyptian Cotton Duvets, Egyptian Cotton  Duvet Sets, Comforter Covers, Egyptian Cotton Coverlets and Coverlet Sets, Egyptian Cotton Shams, Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases, Quilts, Bedspreads, Bed Spread Sets, Bedskirts, Cashmere Wool or Silk Bed Blankets and Cashmere Wool or Silk Throws and Throw Blankets. Essentially, barre is best described as a flaw and should not be distributed as first quality bedding however is occasionally found merchandised as "second," or "second-quality" sheets and duvets.

Bast Fiber

What is Bast Fiber : Strong, soft, woody fibers inclusive of flax fiber, jute, hemp, or ramie. These fibers are obtained from the inner bark in the stems of corresponding plants and are a plant material. Bast fibers are occasionally used in specialty or unique Sheets or Sheets Sets, Duvets, Duvet Covers, Comforter Covers or Duvet Sets. Long-Yarn Egyptian Cotton or Pima Cotton Sheets and Duvets, however, are considered foremost fibers for Luxury Bedding and provide a far softer, more durable surface with supreme breathability, drape and high sheen.


What is Batiste Fabric : Medium-weight, plain-weave fabric that is typically made from Pure Cotton or a Cotton blend. Batiste fabrics are only occasionally found in Bedding and Home Furnishings. Egyptian Cotton, Pima or Pure Cotton are considered superior fabrics for fine linens.


What is Blend or Fabric Blend : Refers to when a yarn or a fabric is made up of more than one fiber, rather than 100% content of a single type of fiber. In blended yarns, two or more different types of fibers are twisted or spun together in order to form the yarn. Examples of blended bedding items include cotton/polyester sheets and sheet sets or silk/cotton blended sheet sets. Generally, the best sheets are comprised of pure fibers of one type rather than a blend. For example, the most superior sheet bedding is made of 100% Pure Egyptian Cotton or Pure Pima Luxury Cotton, due to breathability. Blends are common and well-used in bedding items such as bed blankets and throw blankets, with the blended fibers improving drape and hand for superior softness and warmth. Excellent blanket and throw blends include Italian Superfine Merino Wool and Italian Cashmere and Superfine Merino Wool and Silk. The addition of Cashmere to Australian Merino Wool provides an even more supreme warmth level, surface softness and drape. The addition of Silk to Australian Merino Wool provides increased smoothness, warmth, drape and softness. Camel hair, angora and mohair may also be used as blends in bed blankets and living room throws in addition to specialty throw pillows. Some of the world’s finest blended blankets include bed blankets, luxury throws and throw blankets Made in Italy.


What is Boucle Wool : A woven or knit fabric comprised of curly, knotted boucle Wool yarn, causing the surface to appear highly textured. Though the appearance is rougher than in traditional bed blankets or throws, use of fine Wools or Superfine Wools produces an extremely soft product with high-end bedding blankets or throws, decadent to the touch. Depending upon the grade or type of Wool fiber used, the level of softness can be highly variable. Boucle Wool Bed Blankets and Boucle Wool Throws Made in Italy tend to be among the absolute softest, offering the most supreme drape. Boucle Wool fabrics are most often found in Wool bed blankets and Luxury Wool Throws, being extremely rare domestically. Concentration for manufacture includes countries such as Italy, Switzerland and Germany. When made using fine, high-grade and pure wools, Italian boucle blankets and throws are extremely soft and durable with a rare and elegant appearance.


What is Broadcloth Fabric : A tightly-woven fabric of plain-weave that is characterized by a slight ridge effect in one direction, usually the filling. The most common broadcloth is made from pure cotton or Cotton and Polyester blends. Broadcloth is not found in high-end Luxury Linens such as Sheets, Sheet Sets, Pillowcases, Duvets, Shams, Duvet Sets or Comforter Covers due to its less smooth nature than Egyptian Cotton or Pure Cotton.


What is Brocade Fabric : A heavy, exquisite jacquard fabric which boasts an all-over raised pattern or floral design. Due to its heavier weight, brocade is not used for Luxury Bedding or Fine Linens items inclusive of Sheets, Sheet Sets, Duvets, Duvet sets, Matelasse Coverlets, Matelasse Coverlet Sets, Comforter Covers, Pillowcases or Shams. Instead, brocade is found in Home Furnishings such as Furniture Upholstery, Drapes, Comforter Sets and Comforters, Bed Spreads, Bedspread Sets and Accessory Throw Pillows. 


What is Burlap Fabric : Heavyweight, very loosely-constructed fabric that is a plain weave in nature. Extremely inexpensive to manufacture and is rarely used within the arena of Home Furnishings, Decorating or Redecorating. In the Home Furnishings arena, use of burlap is generally limited to carpet backing. Burlap is absolutely never used for bedding with the sole exception, according to current fashion trends, of its occasional use in custom Bedskirts, Drapes, Draperies or Valances.




What is Calendaring or Calendar Process : A process of finishing fabrics such as Egyptian Cotton, Pima Cotton or luxury Cottons during which special effects, such as high luster, glazing, embossing, or moiré are produced. The calendaring process is essential in the manufacture of high-end Luxury Linens and Bedding of  Egyptian Cotton or Pure Cotton Sheets, Sheet Sets, Pillowcases, Duvets and Duvet Covers, Duvet Sets, Comforter Covers, Egyptian Cotton Matelasse Coverlets and Coverlet Sets, Shams and Bed Skirts. Fabric used for the exterior of Fine Linens includes Comforters, Comforter Sets, Bedspreads and Bed Spread sets that experience enhanced luster and sheen through this process. Calendaring of fabrics for Sheets, Sheet Sets and Duvet Sets is not limited to single-fiber bedding made only of Pure Egyptian or Pima Cotton. The process also has great benefit for fiber blended Luxury Bedding inclusive of Egyptian Cotton and Silk Blends or other Cotton blends. Wools also benefit greatly from the calendaring process, producing a glossy surface. Examples of Luxury Bed Blankets include Pure Australian Merino Wools, Pure Mongolian Cashmere and Pure Silk Bed Blankets or blends such as Merino Wool and Cashmere Bed Blankets or Merino Wool and Silk Bed Blankets. Throws for the Living Room include Merino Wool and Cashmere Throws or Throw Blankets or Merino Wool and Silk Throws and Throw Blankets. Beautiful effects are created when used for Luxury Bed Linens, as calendaring produces a beautiful sheen or gloss that greatly enhances sateen or jacquard patterns.


What is Calico Fabric : A tightly-woven fabric made of cotton with an all-over print that is typically a small floral on a contrasting colored background. For home Bedding, one of the most common uses includes Quilts and Quilt Sets however other uses include Sheets, Sheet Sets, Pillowcases, Duvet Sets, Duvets, Comforter Covers, Shams, Bed Spreads, Comforters, Comforter Sets and Bedspread Sets.

Camel Hair, Camel’s Hair

What is Camel Hair, Camelhair or Camel’s Hair : A natural fiber obtained from the hair of the Bactrian camel, a 2-humped species. This fiber is extremely rare within the U.S. and is found in products produced mainly in Europe. Camel Hair is extremely warm and can be woven into supremely soft luxury Bedding such as Camel Hair Bed Blankets and Camel Hair Luxury Throws or Throw Blankets for the Living Room, Den, Study, Office or Library. Italian Camel Hair Blankets and Throws, or those Made in Italy, are amongst the absolute finest manufactured.


What is Carding or Card : A crucial process during which fibers that are too short for inclusion in the spun yarn are eliminated, for non-use. Carding is absolutely essential in removal of dirt and foreign matter that can be residing in the fiber mass or batches and used to arrange the fibers into a very thin layer. Use of carding is essential for quality manufacture of sheets, sheet sets, duvets, duvet sets, comforter covers, pillowcases, shams, bedskirts, comforter sets, comforters, bedspreads, bed spread sets, matelasse coverlets, matelasse coverlet sets, bathrobes, robes, towels, bed blankets, bed throws, luxury throws and throw blankets. Lack of good carding results in the unwanted inclusion of short or inferior fibers in Pure Egyptian Cotton or Pure Cotton bedding and sheets or trapped in the fabric of wools used for bed blankets and throws.


What is Cashmere or Mongolian Cashmere Wool : The premiere and world’s most expensive Noble Luxury Fiber, with fibers obtained from the soft fleecy undergrowth of the Kashmir goats that roam the mountains of Tibet, Mongolia, China, Iran, Iraq, and India. The best Cashmere is derived from Mongolian goats, where the goats roam at 15,000 feet and above. There are different grades varieties, and ply of Cashmere. Though the finest Pure Cashmere is derived from Inner Mongolia, Bed Blankets and Throws made from this Cashmere are not necessarily the best Fine Linens. Weaving method, ply, gram weight and the mill of production are additional crucial factors and can cause extreme variations in the level of quality. Amongst the finest Mongolian Cashmere Bed Blankets and Bedding are generally those Made in Italy, though it is important to note that locale alone is not a sole indication of quality. Examples of Cashmere Luxury Bedding include Pure Mongolian Cashmere Bed Blankets Made in Italy, blended Cashmere Blankets such as Cashmere and Merino Wool Made in Italy, Pure Mongolian Cashmere Throws and Throw Blankets Made in Italy and blended Cashmere Throws such as Cashmere and Merino Wool Throw Blankets Made in Italy. Generally speaking, Italian Cashmere Blankets and Throws tend to be the most superior of any other locale.


What is Chiffon Fabric : A plain-woven and lightweight fabric that is extremely sheer, airy, and soft. Chiffon may be comprised of different materials inclusive of Silk, Polyester, Rayon or other manufactured fibers and contains highly twisted filament yarns. Chiffon curtains are one of the typical uses for Home Furnishings or Interior Design Elements.


What is Chintz Fabric : A plain-weave fabric that has been glazed, so as to produce a polished appearance. Typically made of Cotton, chintz is often used for Home Furnishings such as Furniture Slipcovers for Sofas, Couches, Loveseats, Lounge Recliners or Lounge Chairs.


What is Colorfastness or Colorfast : Describes the ability of a dyed fabric to resist fading from washing or laundering, sunlight exposure or other environmental conditions. The best bedding is yarn-dyed prior to weaving, with the finest Sheets, Sheet Sets, Duvets, Duvet Sets, Comforter Covers, Coverlets, Coverlet Sets, Bed Blankets, Throws and Throw Blankets, fabric for Bed Spreads and Bedspread Sets, Comforters and Comforter Sets, Pillowcases, Shams, Quilts, Coverlets and Coverlet sets, Bathrobes or Mens and Womens lounge Robes are produced from such fibers. Vat-dyed items are dyed after the weaving or looming process, tend to be far stiffer with reduced drape, sheen and luster and generally do not launder as well. Yarn-dyed fibers, versus vat-dyed, are typically far superior in colorfastness. Egyptian Cotton, Pima Cotton and Cotton staple fibers are generally most colorfast due to natural absorption, particularly when yarn-dyed prior to construction. Egyptian Cotton Sheets, Sheet Sets, Egyptian Cotton Duvets and Duvet Sets, Wool Bed Blankets and Wool Luxury Throws Made in Italy are usually yarn-dyed rather than vat-dyed, with Italy producing the finest linens. The best Italian Mongolian Cashmere Bedding, inclusive of Cashmere Bed Blankets and Cashmere Throw Blankets, are undyed and entirely natural in color, so as to maintain the ultra-fine nature and softness of the fibers.


What is Combing Process : A process that is one additional step beyond the carding process. Fibers are strenuously arranged in parallel form with any additional short fibers being removed so as to produce an end product with the absolute highest quality yarns and supreme strength, fineness, and surface uniformity. Combing is a process of particular importance to ensuring the finest quality of bedding comprised of Pure Egyptian Cotton, Pima Cotton, Wools, Merino Wools, Mongolian Cashmere, Angora, Camel Hair or Pure Silk. This is an additional step necessary in creation of the world’s finest Sheets, Sheet Sets, Duvets, Duvet Sets, Comforter Covers, Coverlets, Coverlet Sets, Bed Blankets, Throws and Throw Blankets, fabric for Bed Spreads and Bedspread Sets, Comforters and Comforter Sets, Pillowcases, Shams, Quilts, Coverlets and Coverlet sets, Luxury Bathrobes, or Mens’, Womens’ or Childrens’ Robes.

Core-Spun Yarns

What is Core-Spun Yarns : A yarn consisting of a filament base yarn or core, surrounded by an exterior wrap of loose natural fiber that has not been twisted into a yarn. A typical example is polyester filament wrapped in a Pure Cotton outer layer, providing the strength of polyester combined with the absorption and ease of dye that is characteristic of all-natural fibers such as Pure Cotton. Common uses for core-spun yarns include threads for sewing, made more durable through inclusion of resilient polyester filament. Extremely important for heavier-weight Luxury Bedding and Fine Linens which are required to withstand repeated use, such as Jacquard Luxury Comforters and Comforter sets, Bedspreads, Pillow Shams, Accessory Bed Pillows, Bed Spread Sets, Bedskirts, Drapes, unique specialty Bed Blankets, Throws and Throw Blankets. Also used in other Home Furnishings and Accessories inclusive of Furniture Slipcovers for Sofas, Couches, Floor Carpets, Floor Rugs, Loveseats, Recliners, Decorative Tapestries, Decorative Wall Hangings, Lounge Chairs, Drapes or Curtains.


What is Egyptian Cotton, Pima Cotton or Luxury Cottons : An all-natural fiber which grows in the seed pod of the cotton plant. Fibers can range drastically in length, most often between a range of 0.5 to 2.0 inches. The very longest fibers are most prized, and used in creation of the absolute best Bedding and Fine Linens. Ultra-Long fibers produce unparalleled silkiness, sheen, softness, high luster and fantastic drape, characteristics that are absolutely impossible to obtain through use of shorter fibers. Shorter fibers create a rougher surface, reduced gloss and sheen and stiffer drape. Fibers longer than 1.5 inches are crucial in producing the highest quality Egyptian Cotton and Pure Cotton Sheet Sets, Duvet Sets and Luxury Bedding. The world’s best cottons include Pure Egyptian Cotton and Pure Pima Cotton. Pima Cotton is considered the Western equivalent of Egyptian Cotton, is an excellent variety and often holds many similar characteristics to those of Egyptian Cotton. High-quality Egyptian Cotton however is the most expensive cotton fiber, and used in the finest Bedding, particularly in Fine Linens from the most superior weaving regions such as Italy. It is crucial to understand that the term Egyptian Cotton alone must not be the main factor considered in the quality of Fine Linens. More and more inferior-quality sheet sets are currently being produced and distributed, both domestically and abroad. Egyptian and Pima Cotton Sheet Sets from locales such as Egypt, China and India are amongst countries where of manufacture where Thread Count discrepancies have been noted with certain manufacturers. A main factor, which has recently received much exposure in terms of misled consumers, is the use of ply in determining Thread Count. 2-ply and 4-ply sets are being counted by many manufacturers as twice and four times the amount of threads. Essentially, this boost Thread Count inaccurately to numbers twice to four times the actual Thread Count of the Sheet Set or fabric. So what is the Best Thread Count? Sheet Set quality cannot be determined based on Thread Count alone: manufacturer, locale of manufacture, quality of fiber and ply are all essential factors with as much weight as Thread Count. Thread count numbers for Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets, Duvet Sets, Duvets, Coverlets and Coverlet Sets are being vastly misused or inflated by many manufacturers and mills who are using poor-quality fibers and weaving methods. Many Thread Count numbers on Bedding packaging are entirely misleading or inflated. For example, high-quality Italian Sheet Sets and Bedding Made in Italy are designed to last generations and far surpass both domestic and import sets, nearly all of which can degrade in a matter of months. This has become such a serious issue that even Consumer Reports as well as groups within the textile industry have issued recent reports regarding misleading Thread Counts. It is also important to note that a large number of manufacturers, in additional efforts to fool consumers, have begun using short, inferior fibers that would typically be discarded in their products, simply to be able to label such sheet sets as being Egyptian Cotton. Unfortunately, this method has become the norm rather than an exception. The best bedding and Egyptian Cotton sheets are extremely rare and a higher investment however are designed to last years, even generations.

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