Himoto Viper XST

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Himoto Viper XST
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I have mixed feelings about the himoto truck I got. First off I want to say its a really fast truck. Durability is iffy. I ran about 4-5 tanks through before going all out with the throttle. After about 6-7 tanks total the cheap plastic pipe it came with melted at the header. Save  yourself sometime and upgrade to an aluminum pipe right from the start. I lost the bottom cup off of one of the front shocks. Lost the dog bone on the same side. For the money its a great truck definately RTR just add batteries and gas. Make sure to let the glow igniter charge up really good before you try to use it. If your looking for something to trash and don't really care about its worth it but if its durability you are looking for and not constantly putting money into it then look else where
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