Hermes Scarves - with NO Title?

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Hermes Scarves - with NO Title?
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The general rule is that a Hermes scarf should have an artist's signature, a copyright symbol and a title, which is usually lettered in tune with the design.  There are exceptions to the title rule...and SOME GENUINE SCARVES SHOW NO TITLE.

Hermes have been producing their 90cm square silk scarves since 1937.  Many of the pre-1960's designs did not carry a title.  A vast majority of scarves appearing on Ebay are post-1980 vintage and most of these do have a title.  One of the signatures of  the Hermes scarf is the way that the lettering of the title follows and blends into design. (Have a look at these Hermes.Paris examples.)  However there are some genuine designs that do not have a title, mostly re-issues of earlier patterns.

EBAY has lst the pictures for this guide.  Please have a look at www  .facebook/Hermes.Scarf.Guides need to take out that space of course!  G.


Here are ten of the most common designs without titles that you will see on Ebay.......

Les Clefs 1965 Caty Latham and many reissues        .....and MANY FAKE versions.

Couronnes 1969 Julie Abadie ...............................   .  ...and many crude FAKES.

Ex Libris 1946 Hugo Grygkar and many re-issues    ...and MANY FAKE versions.

Gibiers 1966 Henri de Linares reissued 1992           ...not known to be faked.

Mexique 1985 Caty Latham   ..............................         ....not known to be faked.

Sangles 1984 Joachim Metz and many reissues           ...several FAKE versions.

Le Tigre Royal 1977 Christiane Vauzelles              ... one FAKE version known.

Timbalier 1961 Francoise Heron  ........................     New colours for 2011 re-issue and MANY FAKES.

Tohu Bohu 2004 Claudia Shuhlhofer-Mayr            MANY MANY FAKES, beware!

Scarabee et Pectoraux by Caty Latham  ..............       ...not known to be faked.

AND just to make you even more nervous about your scarf.... most of the above are not signed by the artist either!

The designs of Xavier de Poret are all sketchbook-style pictures of animals in various poses.  None of these have titles either and are covered in a separate Guide.

Do click the YES button below if you have found this guide useful as it will help other Ebay Buyers to see it.  Remember that the best way to protect yourself and to avoid paying designer prices for cheap reproductions is to arm yourself with as much information as possible before bidding.  If in doubt, then do not bid.

See some of my other guides:  How to avoid fakes

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