Hermes - Dies et Hore?

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Hermes first produced Dies et Hore by Francoise Faconnet in 1963. (Actually the correct name is Astrologie...but since this name is not on the scarf...and Dies et Hore is, this is what most people call it on eBay...)  There have been several re-issues.  And next to La Promenade de Longchamps and  Les Clefs (The Keys) is probably one of the MOST FAKED designs.  There have been some recent re-issues from the fakers in China too.  These are very easy to spot if you know the telltale signs. 

Ebay seller luxury_haven provided some nice close up photos of this FAKE for us to compare with the genuine version.  luxury_haven also had Mon Petit Cheval Mexicaine, Les Coupes and Les Chevaux Qataris all recently featured in 2009 FAKES!  This seller was informed that all their scarves were fakes.  They replied that ... they had been received as "gifts" and looked good to them, although they were "not experts"....and they would be happy to refund any money should the scarves in fact prove to be fakes.  In other words...if some ignorant fool is happy with paying me designer prices for this fake then why should you care! 


...but don't worry you can find them on www .facebook/Hermes.Scarf.Guides

(You just need to take the space out after the www to make the link work!)

OK, lets look at the GENUINE design in many different colour options.............. and the garish FAKE............................


See some more FAKE colour options on this Vintage re-ssue FAKES guide.

GENUINE Zodiac symbols have shadows......................... the crude FAKES don't!..............


GENUINE three line "long" and later four line "short"labels......... and the FAKE with multiple fake labels and fake seals.


And here is the small  FAKE rattling around in its box.


1) Colours crude + no shadows = FAKE. 

2) All colour combinations of the genuine design that I can find have GOLDEN ZODIAC SYMBOLS.  Assume any other colour is FAKE. (see Update below)

There are some older fakes that are hard to spot, and some do have the shadows.  The colours are also better but they are often labelled wrongly.  If you don't know what I am talking about here, then have a look at this Care labels on FAKE Hermes guide.

Remember: Multiple good quality photographs do not make the scarf genuine.  Sellers of fakes play on the fact that most buyers are too trusting.  Arm yourself with as much information as you can to avoid paying designer prices for cheap fakes.  Please click on the YES button below if you have found these guides helpful.  Thanks.

UPDATE May 2011: The recent re-issue of the black/white/gold scarf does NOT HAVE SHADOWS!...All the symbols are still gold though.   So extra caution needed here!

UPDATE June 2011:  I have just seen a genuine aquamarine version, and the signs have not shadows... AND ARE BLUE!....  So if you were in any doubt before then it really does seems that only reliable known sellers are your best option here.  G.

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