Herbs & Spices Names in English to Spanish

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We have been in the herb and spice business for over 12 years and have over 150 different Culinary (cooking), dired botanicals and Mexican healing herbs and spices in our inventory.  This is just a list of translastions and not a complete list of all of our inventory.

Anise Seed = Anis

Anise / Star = Anis Estrella

Basil = Albahacar

Boldo Leaves = Boldo

Chamomile = Manzanilla

Chaparral = Gobernadora

Cinnamon = Canela

Comfrey - Confrey

Corn Silk = Barbas de Elote

Dill = Endeldo

Elder Flowers = Sauco

Eucaliptus = Eucalipto

Fennel = Hinojo

Hibiscus = Jamaica

Horehound = Manrubio

Lavender = Alucema

Linden Flowers = Tila

Mexican Tea = Epazote de Comer

Mugwort = Estiafate

Mullein Flowers = Gordolobo

Marjoram = Mejorana

Mustard/Yellow = Mostaza Amarilla

Nutmeg = Nuez Moscada

Passion Flowers = Pasiflora

PennyRoyal = Poleo

Peppermint = Menta

Rose Buds = Rosa de Castilla

Rosemary = Romero

Rue = Ruda

Safflower = Azafran (Mexican Saffron)

Sage - Salvia

Sasaparilla = Zarzaparrilla

Senna = Hojasen

Seven Blossoms = Siete Azahares

Shave Grass = Cola de Caballo

Spearmint = Yerba Buena

Wintergreen = Axocopaque



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