Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

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Miracle Krystal Himalayan Sea Salt is the purest "Pink Gourmet" Salt available. It also tastes GREAT.

It also contains 82 minerals and elements in trace amounts which the body NEEDS to stay healthy. That makes it not only a super Nutritional Supplement and Electrolite Balancer, but a wonderful Anti-Oxidant.

It is also pollution free having been deposited under an ancient sea bed over 250 million years ago when there was NO POLLUTION on earth. French Sea Salt for example, ia VERY polluted because it is evaporated from beds on the English Channel, which is the most polluted waterway on earth. Every Oil tanker heading for Europe through the ports of Antwerp and Cherbourg pollute the English Channel! 

When India crashed into Asia the Pink Gourmet salt deposits was pushed up into what is today Kashmir in the Himalayan Foothills of India. That makes it much purer than Dead Sea (which is polluted by industry in Jordan), French, or other present day evaporated sea salt given the pollution present in the evaporating ponds.

You will aslo find yourself using LESS salt because of its rich flavor. Miraclacle Krystal salt for your health necause it is low in Sodium, but by choice for its flavor!



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