Handbags Purse Buying Guide

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Handbags Purse Buying Guide
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Glamour! Style! Accessories! Trendsetters! Handbags have made a raging comeback in this past year, to the delight of fashion retailers. How do they look? Large and roomy! Lots of detail and style!  These large bags tend to be very casual, perfect for every day, but smaller bags still do the party nights. You may notice, however, that there is little attention to small party bags, the emphasis these past seasons and still going strong, is on those big bags which are grabbing our attention and selling like hot cakes, we mean hot bags!

Look at old films and photos of the 1940s and 1950s when shoes and handbags were much  more fashion notable. Grace Kelly had a bag that is even today in demand. Hollywood stars of thos 'glam' years put great effort into their appearance, not only their hair and makeup but their 'bag and shoes' were a critical fashion statement. Those days are back!

Somehow over the last decades, handbags faded in significance or at least, diminished as a  part of the fashion statement. That has radically changed recently as couture houses and well known companies have worked on a massive scale to promote and market new bags and repackage the timeless designs of old.

Fashion houses well known for their luxurious and gorgeous hand bags include Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Bottega Venetta, Prada and Celine while hand bags more reasonably priced get lots of fashion magazine coverage from such trend setting retailers of accessories as Kate Spade, Dooney & Burke, Calvin Klein, Cole-Hann and Coach.

It is now very easy to spend at least one to two hundred dollars on a seasonal bag and certainly price tags can easily creep into the thousands for the designer bags that many fashionistas watch for on the arms of Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Lyndsay Lohan or Scarlett Johansson. (Anyone watching the Queen perchance?)

Most bag designs include a few pockets which can be used for coins or cash, to hold wallets or cell phones, and often bags have their own key fob. Some of the best bags recently have sported a bright colored interior which makes finding articles inside far easier and are discussed a little further on. Red or any bright linings are becoming much more  common  and designing this kind of bag goes across the board for adult, child and doll. Kate Moss made the chunky gold chain  popular, first seen on her as a necklace, and next as a great handbag handle. 

Children are often affected by fashion trends, whether it is for their own clothing or outfitting their dolls. As in any smart accessory, there is a need to match it to the outfit. A nice choice of hand bags, whether for the adult female, child or the child's doll makes ultimately for a much more interesting and trendy outfit.

What should you look for when shopping for a bag?

For the savvy shopper, consider these tips:

  • Check fashion magazines and see what is personally most appealing and then shop online or hit the retail discount merchants to minimize the price shock. Such stores as TJMax or Marshall's often carry a superb choice of bags (sometimes a past season of course, which still can be an exciting purchase). This type of shopping can be 'hit or miss', but when it's a hit, what a fantastic value!
  • Be sure of the quality and construction of the bag - casual bags in particular are going to be hard used - you will drop them, sling them, toss them, open and close them quickly, sometimes roughly, in truth they are rarely treated gently, consequently they need to be of sound construction. Check the seams which should be doubled, check the lining which should allow for weight and have some give, chek the zippers that they are smooth and strong, and make sure the pockets fit your cell phone and your lifestyle's little needs of makeup, coin containers and keys.
  • Bag linings (interiors) are grabbing attention and it's long over due. Don't you hate having to dig through your bag to find what you need? Especially when someone is watching you? Embarrassing! A bag with a black or dark lining will always lend itself to that sort of humiliation! Now, finally, some of the best bag designers are concentrating on bright lively linings and the funkiest bags are even equipped with small lighting devices which are superb for the night owl and add a safety feature when one is stranded in a parking lot late in an evening trying to find those keys!
  • Decide how snobby you want to be about the materials used in your bag. Fine leather is a luxury in many ways, - it feels great, it wears forever, and it looks even better with each passing year. Leather can be beautiful and forever, but if you are animal rights conscious or price challenging, you'll be looking to other fabrics. Many of the new synthetics can pass easily for leather and if you're happier with that choice, go for it! Cotton fabric bags can be very comfortable to handle but sometimes are not easy to clean, so keep that in mind when choosing cottons or blends. Obviously bags made mostly of wool (and you can find some lovely ones in Scotland) need very little upkeep and often have excellently crafted leather details.
  • For safety the ability to access keys quickly should be considered. Having a key fob on or immediately inside your bag that eliminates searching is definitely a smart component of your trendy bag.
  • When shopping for bags and other accessories, the discount stores can be terrific but to save time and effort, consider shopping for them online as it is often the easiest and most economical venue. Online you can even find an assortment of bags for dolls- Barbie, American Girl, and Bitty Baby from Doll Clothes Superstore.Doll Clothes Superstore

It certainly appears that the new larger bags are 'here to stay' for a long while and with a vengeance! For many women, and girls, we simply can't get enough of them!


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