Halloween a safe fun treat game to trick treaters

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Halloween a safe fun treat game to trick treaters
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I found a unique way to have fun with trick or treaters when they come around to our haunted house to get their treats. Candy is quite expensive and is very bulky to carry. So I save my pennies all year in a jar. At Halloween time I dumped the pennies into a  witches pot. Then I add 2 rolls of nickels, 1 roll of dimes and 1 roll of quarters. I figured out the cost of purchasing candy and this costs about the same as purchasing  candy. Only better because the left overs are totally non-fatting unless you take the leftover coins and go to the candy store.

Then the monsters who arrive at our door get to select 5 coins from the pot before I count to 5. The children get to keep the coins they select. Beware the older monsters have learn to feel the larger quarters out. To deal with this I give a fast 5 count.

The mini monsters who dare to come to our door  I always have an additional stash to draw from and they always recieve a special coin from my private stock. This is a little safer as to there is nothing that can be tampered with. And most of the children are thrilled to play the coin game. But the down fall is you have a tendency to receive a lot of repeat trick or treaters.

This is a nice change (pun intended)  to the traditional hand outs on Halloween Day. Happy Haunting.

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