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Do you love vintage candles? Are you disappointed when you finally find that wonderful old "Gurley" candle and it is slightly crooked?

I have discovered a wonderful technique that will bring that old candle back to it's glory.

First, I heat my oven to the lowest temperature shown on the gauge (mine is 170 degrees).

Next, I take my bent candle and stand it on an oven proof plate. If your candle doesn't have a base or is a taper candle, place it in an oven proof candle holder. The key is, your crooked candle must be UPRIGHT, not laying down.

I place the bent candle in the warm oven. Set your timer for 3 minutes, remove the candle and see if you can gently manually straighten it. If you can, hold it in the straightened position until the wax cools. The candle will remain straight. If you cannot easilly straighten it, place it back in the oven for an additional 2 minutes and try again. ALWAYS set your timer...a melted candle would be devastating!

This technique is worth a try, what have you got to loose? A straight collectible candle will bring a much higher price!

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