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How to stitch a painted canvas??  When stitching a painted canvas you can sometimes see the ink mark from the designers line drawing which is done prior to painting the canvas, remember to keep your stitches inside the line unless you are working from a stitch guide that tells you otherwise.

When you are stitching a painted canvas there are several areas of the same color that may be lighter or darker, this is usually done for shading a special technique used when stitching to appear like a shadow, try using the same thread you are using to stitch the area in a lighter or darker shade as needed.  Shading is supposed to subtle, not sticking out that your eye catches that first when looking at it.

There are several areas on painted canvas's for embellishments.  Beads, charms and decorative stitches can be used for these areas.  For example on flowers you could apply a beaded inner or outline along with leaf stitches.  On Christmas designs where you see small candy canes you can apply a candy cane charm.  To do this you would stitch the area completely first in a few strands of floss and then apply the charm over it.  Technique stitches can also be used for some of these areas, try using the rhodes stitch on round areas to give a raised effect, try stitching it in a silk serica for a smooth look or a perle cotton for a bumpy look.  Algerian eye and leviathian are also great stitches that give dimension.

If you don't own any stitch books you should buy at least one.  They are guaranteed to enhance your stitching and give you tons of ideas.  There are so many books on the market today its hard to choose from.  Our favorite is the Stitches for Effect Series.  These books have a section in the back for you to look up what type of item are you stitching i.e. a snowman,  the book will tell you the best stitches for a snowman and what threads to use to achieve that effect when stitching.  There are four books in this series and each one is better than the other one with tons of stitches and clear diagrams.  You will refer to these books over and over again and they will become the ONLY books you use, and the BEST books you will ever buy.

Stitch guides are very helpful and if your canvas does not come with one ask about buying one.  They are generally inexpensive and worth every penny.  You will refer to them time and again when stitching something similar.  For example, if you bought a stitch guide for a piece that is a Cookie you would refer to that guide whenever you stitched a cookie or any design that has a cookie in it.  The choices of threads, stitches and colors on the guide enhance your project! 

We hope that you found this guide helpful, we are always available for questions so do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help any way we can.  We stitch also and enjoy sharing our knowledge of the needlepoint craft with everyone!

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