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Start by selling stuff you have around the house that you would like to get rid of. That is a good way to start. That is how I started.

I've been here for 6 years now and what we sell has evolved over the years. We started out with our TIME LIFE series of books that we didn't want anymore. They all sold.

Then we started selling ex libris by picking up books at library sales. It took awhile to figure out exactly what people wanted. But we did it.

Got tired of lugging books to the post office so switched to postcards, which I still sell occasionally on another ID.

Since I sew I also sell quilts I make and other things like Barbie doll clothes, whenever the mood hits.

But our big thing of course is the fact that we are a licensed bakery and now almost exclusively on this ID we sell and ship  our  gourmet bakery all over the United States.

Go with your interests and go with what you know. Study the eBay market. Decide if what others are getting for their items are prices you would be happy getting for yours.



Good luck with selling on eBay.


Thank you to the eBay community and our customers for making our LICENSED BAKERY such a huge success on eBay. Thanks again.


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