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Every wanted to create those cute "diaper babies" for a baby shower.   It's the perfect baby shower gift that's not only creative and cheap but useable.  The mom-to-be will be impressed. 


Items Needed

  • small pkg of diapers (approx 40-50)
  • pacifer
  • Elastics/rubber bands
  • Baby outfit.



  1. Roll a secure with an elastic 4 diapers (2 arms, 2 legs). If filling a baby sleeper, you may want to use 8 diapers ( 2 each for arms and legs).

  2. To make the body of the diaper baby.  Open 1 diaper (loosen the elastic from the folded part). Roll this diaper loosely, or around a toilet paper roll.

  3. Next, loosen another diaper and start rolling this diaper around the first one. Start this diaper with its fold over the seam part of the first rolled diaper. Loosen all the diapers and keep rolling in a ball (like making a snowman).

  4. Make 2 balls of diapers ...1 larger (body) than the other (head smaller ball). Use elastics to hold each ball together.  You could also wrap an elastic around sections.

  5. If its to hard to manage.... you have 10 diapers rolled and its getting hard to manage, use an elastic, then keep rolling until you have the desired size ball. Put the small ball on top of the large one. I use a large narrow elastic around both of them.

  6. Between the 2 elastics on the sides of the a rolled arm, on each side. (the elastic around the individual ball, and the elastic around both balls) Do the same on the bottom for the legs.

  7. Dress your diaper baby. If you have short sleeves, use 1 diaper each for the arms, for long sleeves use 2 diapers each. Just take 1 of the 2 rolled diapers and place it down the sleeve Then take the sleeve and put it over the other arm or leg that is attached. Put a pacifier in between the diapers on the front of the face of small diaper ball where the mouth would be.

  8. Put a hat on the head. Decorate the diaper baby anyway you want. Add wiggly eyes if you would like.  Enjoy!


Thanks to www. creative-baby-shower-ideas. com --I am able to plan, create, and make the perfect baby showers and gifts.

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