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I have been selling Ugg Boots for 5 years now and here are some tips on how to spot fake ones.

If the price is low is is probably a fake.  Only people who buy from retail stores are allowed to sell on ebay.  Stores that have a contract to purchase from UGG Australia  Deckers  sign an contract to agree not to sell on ebay.  They can lose their distribution rights to sell Uggs if they don't comply.

This is from the Deckers Web site: "eBay Sellers/On-Line Auctions and Trade Boards:
UGG® Australia does NOT authorize any of its dealers to sell on eBay, any other on-line auctions or trade boards. UGG® Australia's agreements with its dealers prohibit sales on auction sites. Accordingly, UGG® Australia does not offer its limited warranty or rebates for products purchased on these sites and will not assist with resolution of any disputes including assistance with Pay Pal refund requests."

This means that the sellers who are selling authnetic Uggs are buying retail.  You do the math. If you buy retail and also pay tax in some states then your cost is 120 for a classic short and 140 for a classic tall before tax.  Then there are ebay and pay pal fees which amount to 15% of the items cost. 

The seller is doing this to make a profit so there is room for that also.   So if you see a boot that is very cheap it is probably a fake.

The Care Booklet that comes with the boots is in white. It has the words "Ugg Australia" embossed in silver. This means the letters are raised. You can feel them when you put your finger over them. Fake ones are badly printed and in silver. The pictures in the booklet are sharp and clear. The fakes ones are not. They have been scanned and printed in color and appear fuzzy or unclear. The colors are exaggerated. As of June of 2007 the Care booklet has been replaced with a cream colored card and an insert also in the beige color.  Ugg no longer puts the white booklet in the box with the boots made after June of 2007.

There are sellers in Australia who are selling boots they call UGGs but not made by Deckers.  They argue that the name UGG is generic and not owened by Deckers.  Deckers has a copyright on the name UGG and you can report any seller who says they are selling UGGS but are only selling a boot they call an Ugg from Australia .  There is a report this item button at the bottom of any auction that you can use to report a fake Deckers Ugg.

The real uggs have a raised or embosssed bottom with UGG written .  The fake ones are smooth and not raised or embossed on the bottom.

The fake uggs have very poor quality control and the stitching is uneven on the label.
They also have a slight odor on them,  Deckers told me this a few years ago.  I do not know what it is from.

You can always ask the seller if they have a receipt from the authorized seller they purchased it from.

Then there are grade b boots which are sold by Deckers at their outlet.   These usually have a tear on the label to indicate they are not grade a.

Many sellers will sell a grade b boot and pass it off as a grade a.

If the boot is being sold as sent from China it is a fake.

Beware of all the China fakes that come onto auction. Usually in a 1 -3 day auction so they are sold before they can be reported and removed.

Also many of the fake Uggs from China will have very large shipping fees with a low boot price.

The Classic Uggs are made for the last 2 years in China so the label will say made in China on a Classic Tall and Classic Short.
The Utlra's are still made in New Zealand.

Check the feedback of the sellers but this will not always guarantee a authentic boot as many buyers are fooled and leave possitive feedback.  If you scroll through the feedback you will sometimes find a buyer who realized it was  a fake and reports it in the feedback.

The label should be made of material not synthetic and be half way down the inside side of the boot.

 The selller leaves out any mention of Deckers in his description.  He is selling Australian Uggs but not Deckers Uggs.  Don't be fooled by this if you want Deckers Uggs.  The box used is similar and copies Deckers Box and Logo, but they are not Deckers Uggs.  If you email the seller he will tell you that he does not sell Deckers Uggs.  An unsuspecting buyer  sees authentic and thinks they are getting Deckers . The seller is sellling "authentic" australian uggs and leaves out any mention of Deckers. Email the seller and ask
If the Nightfall is any other color but Chestnut it is a fake. Deckers only makes Nightfall in Chestnut.

If you see a Sundance in any other color but Chestnut Sand or Chocolate it is a fake.  Deckers has stopped making it in Black. There may be old stock around but any ones selling large amounts are probably fakes.

 Follwoing is a wonderful guide with pictures sent to me by an ebayer who had purchased fakes for his daughter. <P>There are many fake UGG boots circulating on eBay.  Whilst the term UGG is not protected, the UGG boots which are made by Deckers ARE protected.  These are the boots which are being faked.  Some of the fake UGGS are exceedingly good and even when placed next to genuine ones will take some spotting!  This guide will hopefully help you to spot them as many people are being duped


1.  Most of the fakes are sold from sellers (with either low or zero feedback) in The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Greece, Italy, Australia and the Czech Republic.  The boots are actually in China and they also charge a lot for shipping and normally only accept Paypal.  They will also have lots of them for sale.  There are however some fakes that are being sold quite innocently in the UK because they were bought from the organised fakers via eBay and they are found to be too small.  The fact is the fake UGGS are indeed too small and this is why they are then resold.  A fake size 5 (US size 7) is about 1 cm smaller in foot size.
2.  The smell of a fake UGG is a give away - it smells of paint/lacquer which comes from the dye used on the synthetic materials.   The fake will often have a blue label pinned to it and also a brown cloth protection bag which says "Snow Boots" - these are not provided with the genuine ones!!
3.  A genuine Deckers UGG boot has real sheepskin fur on the interior.  Its fluffy looking and also thicker and a rich cream colour.  The fake uses synthetic 'fur', is slightly grey, thinner and also small pieces of the 'fur' come away when rubbed.  Here's the genuine fur on the left and the fake fur on the right:
4.  Believe it or not, genuine Classic  Deckers UGGS are made in China.  The fake Classic Decker UGGS always say made in New Zealand or sometimes Australia.  Here's the genuine label (for a classic short) on the left and the fake on the right.  Also note how the font style for 'australia' is different:-
5.  Where the sole joins the heel, the genuine UGG has a flush join.  On the fake there is a solid line clearly visible.  Genuine on the left, fake on the right:-
6.  A genuine Deckers UGG will have an R in a circle next to the UGG on the sole.  A fake UGG will not have the R in the circle on the sole.  Genuine on the left, fake on the right.  Fakes have now copied the R.
7.  Finally, the outside labels are subtly different.  Note how 'australia' is in a bolder font on the fake - which is shown on the left.

8.  To my knowledge and indeed from the official UGG website, UGG do not make a CAMEL colour - if your label says 'CAMEL' chances are they are fakes.
9.  Finally the price is a huge clue.  Genuine UK sourced Decker UGGS are at least £140 - anything substantially less and they are probably fakes.  US sourced short UGGS are at least £70 and tall UGGS £85 - again anything less and they will probably be fakes.
10. 10.In the UK there are two main types of fake - the ones with the blue label pinned on and with a dust bag that says "snow boots" and a VERY good fake which has light brown pinned on tags that say "made by CGM Co Ltd". The latter have the correct sole pattern and also the label that says "Made in China". Most purchasers are entirely fooled by this.
11.The sheepskin fur around the boot matches the colour of the boot but the sheepskin fur at the bottom of the boot where your foot sits is always natural (cream) in colour.
12. If the Nightfall is any other color but Chestnut it is a fake. Deckers only makes Nightfall in Chestnut.
13. If you see a Sundance in any other color but Chestnut Sand or Chocolate it is a fake.  Deckers has stopped making it in Black. There may be old stock around but any ones selling large amounts are probably fakes.
14. The stitching on the fakes is very bad.
15. Deckers Uggs do not have any tags hanging from them. They do not have a Blue Label and there is never a mention of Snow Boots or any Brown Protection Bag.
16. The sole of a fake Ugg is about 1/4 inch whereas the real ugg is 1/2 inch thick.
17 Some sellers will sell a KIds ugg for a womens ugg. You can tell as the label has all the sizes  Euro UK and US on a kids ugg whereas the womens ugg only has the US size on it.
18. If the seller is sending the boots directly form his facotry in China... they are fakes. Deckers never does this.
19. A shoe salesman sent me this as another way to tell fakes ..Try holding the fur and then the outside leather and separating them (pinch each and pull apart)... if they do then you know since sheepskin is only one layer with two different sides... fakes are two layers stitched together.
I received this email from a buyer of fakes uggs...

"I purchased 2 pair of UGGs for my wife
The boots matched your "real" photos perfectly. The box, while it had the unattached lid (supposedly pre-2007,) matched. The paperwork matched exactly.
My wife took them to an authorized dealer to confirm their authenticity. They were very impressed with the lengths they have gone to make them look legitimate, but there were a couple key differences.
1) There was a slight smell to them (this was a concern of mine when I inspected them.)
2) The fur passed the "fur burn test" I've read about, but wasn't very soft
3) The sheepskin was not nearly as soft as it should have been
4) My wife wears a 7 1/2 - I purchased 8s and they were tight
5) The upper part of the boots did not roll down easily as they should "
 6) I received this email "Also note that in the UK at least, the inside UGG label now has "Made in China" on the revers not the front - another subtle change in an attempt to cathch the fakers out."
If you have purchased a Fake Ugg   you can email Deckers Outdoor Corp. DIrectly at
and  write to them at the above address with details.  You can dispute it on pay pal and send ebay a message that the item was not as described.
Pictures of UGG Fakes

Hope this was helpful  If it was please click the button below and this guide will get up the rankes and help others to avoid fake uggs.

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