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Naughty and Nice Lingerie

Hello fellow ebayers,

     Have you had your white clothing or lingerie yellow from age, but still has a lot of wear left in them?  Don't throw them away just yet.  I have a simple formula to get out those horrid yellow stains so you can get your favorite items back to normal.  Does it work on every yellow stain?  Every stain is different, but this should work on the age stains.  I have used this myself.

     This formula is rather simple.  All you will need is vinegar, water, and sunlight!  To restore yellowed clothing, let the garments soak overnight in a solution of 12 parts warm water to 1 part white vinegar.  Wash them the following morning,  If the yellow doesn't seem quite out yet, hang them out in the sunlight and let the sun bleach them back to white.  It may take a few days in the sunlight, but it will be worth it! 

If you attempt to use bleach, you may only harm the fabric.  It normally doesn't work on this type of stain...so try to stay away from bleach.  Be patient.

I hope this information helps you to restore those favorite articles and make them last.  Have a Naughty and Nice Day!  XOXO

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