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Hello,   I see so many people get cheated by buying fake Yu-Gi-Oh Egyptian god cards I decided it was time for me to write this to help educate people to know what to look for to make sure they are not getting cheated.  And for those people who have bought Egyptian God cards but are not sure if they are real this will help also.

The first thing you should check is if the seller is selling the god cards inside their original silver packet as I do.  If the seller is not and the seller has mulitple auctions for god cards then just move on because you are 100% buying fakes.  When the seller starts talking about how they carefully place each card inside a sleeve then a hard plastic for "your protection" move on they are 100% fake.  I am now seeing fake sellers show a picture of the silver pack in their adds to try and trick you.  Ask them if the cards come in the silver wrapper.  They will tell you know because they are fakes.

Next take the time to review the sellers feedback by doubleclicking the sellers feedback number.  Now look for any negative feedback the seller might have and read what it says.  Next look for any neutral feedbacks the seller has and read what it says.  Now look and see if the seller has had any feedback mutualy withdrawn and READ THOSE FEEDBACKS CAREFULLY.  Many times sellers who sell fake Egptian God Cards will refund the buyer if they are unhappy in order to have the negative feedback that the buyer rightfully left the seller removed.  

What these people selling fake god cards do is build up their feedback by selling .1 cent e-recipe's until they have enough feedback to fool you.  So check what the first 20 or so feedback's the seller has and see if they are for selling 1.cent recipe's.  If they are they are selling you fakes.  It cost .35 cents to list on ebay plus .30 cent fee from paypal to receive 1 penny?  Why would anybody do this?  The only reason is to build up feedback so they can cheat you .

Any seller who says "100% money back refund if you are not happy" is selling you fake god cards.

If the seller has private feedback and or makes the auction private then they are selling you fakes.  Or if the seller has paypal account or immediate payment required you are 100% buying fakes.

Any seller with a cheap buy it now price is selling you fake Egyptian God Cards.  God cards are by far and away the most popular of all Yu-Gi-Oh cards.  Their is a reason the price is so great remember that.

If you have received god cards and are not sure if they are fake the first thing to look for is the card being shinny all over.  Real God cards only the hologram is shinny.  Most of the fakes I have seen the whole card front and back is shinny.  Also compare the thickness and weight of the card against a known real Yugioh Card.  The fakes are always to thick.  Many times the card will be slighly smaller then real cards so measure the card in question against a known real card. 

Their is no such thing as 1st Edition God Cards.  If you have this writting or see this writtting it is a fake.

I have sold well over 4000 sets of god cards on Ebay without ever a single problem. I am a Ebay Power Seller and a Member of Square Trade. I have a 100% feedback rating. While their are other sellers on Ebay selling God cards, none of them have my track record. That's because nobody offers both a great price and the best customer service on Ebay as I do. Read my feedback, see what other customers have to say. Others might try to compensate for that by undercutting me by a few dollars, but is it worth the chance of your child saying that their God Cards are fake or having to wait weeks if not longer to receive your item just to save a few bucks? My price is always competitive, my customers service is second to none and my customer satisfaction is 100%.  

I dont know about you but when I get cheated its not the money that I might have lost that angers me the most, its the feeling of being cheated that bothers me.  And that can feel even worse when against your better judgement you allow someone to cheat you.  Thanks for reading hope it help you.



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