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  • Our Pawn Shop has been selling on ebay for over six years and have been in business for over 25 years,  Ebay has now taken over the entire pawn industry.  In fact 90% of the time the value we give our customers on thier items they are trying to pawn the price we give we get from Ebay... Its simple....... If a used or new item sell for a certain price under completed auctions on Ebay simply offer the customer half what the item goes for and you are sure to make a quick profitable turn around EVERYTIME!!!!!
  • When buying from a pawnshop you need to never assume anything!!!!!  If an item usually includes A remote and you do not see one in the picture, ASK!!!!!!  Chances are there is not a remote or power cord or manual and so on.   We deal mostly in second hand items and this get lost in the shuffle. 
  • Second is when an item is listed in the header "AS IS" or "FOR PARTS" 9 times out of ten that item is not in working condition or is missing peices again always asked before hand to avoid getting an item you really did not want.
  • Third is watch a pawnshops listing closely as we are NOT always going to be the expert on the item, Meaning we could list it wrong, spell it wrong,  The point I am trying to make here is VERY often items get sold ALOT cheaper than they should have due to being listed wrong and the buyer ends of with some of the best deals on ebay!!!!!!
  • Fourth and final is Pawn Shop's are one of the MOST safe places to buy second hand items,  Meaning EVERYTIME we take an item in we must hold it for atleast 30 days-120 days to pass a police check.   So you know when you are buying from a pawnshop that these items are not "hot" goods.  Plus when buying  jewelry and watches we are trained to spot fakes a mile away,  AGAIN a GREAT way to save alot off retail Jewelry!!!!!
  • Please if any of you need anything else feel free to give us an email as this is only 1 of 16 seller names our company uses on ebay.  From ASAPPAWN to PAWNPLUSVV and everything in between.
  • GOOD LUCK and know when you buy from a pawn shop the bottom line is its SAFE if you just take these minor steps!!!!
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