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Hey there Jordan Fans and Ballers,

Buying fake Jordans can be a bit upsetting.

Ebay is a great place to shop but unfortunately can be difficult sometimes because of the products not being tangible till after purchase. As the consumer you rely on the information of the seller. This info can sometimes be very suspect.

I have bought 3 pairs of Jordans off ebay... and none of them turned out to be real.

Firstly, decide on how much you are willing to spend. Authentic Jordans are not cheap. I do not sell them and I am not a salesman, ok!

I bought a pair of Jordan XI's. I paid for 2x White versions and 1x Red/black scheme - all off different sellers. The red/black shoes literally lasted till the end of a second game on an indoor basketball court. The fronts came away from the meshy stuff (where the shinny part meets the mesh infront of the tongue). They looked as if I had been playing on sandpaper! 

The other 2 white ones were different from each other. One had a more 'blue' clear sole, while the other had a much 'yellower' sole. (no, not an oxygenated authentic yellowy sole! As in a crap yellow sole). One jordan was stitched one way and the other different again.

Secondly, look closely at the dealer. Ask yourself questions. Do they also have a business that you can walk into? Have they been doing it long?Are they in Hong Kong, and apparently selling authentic Jordan shoes for 50 bucks? 

I am trying to not be predjudice here, but this is my experience. All the shoes I bought from 3 different sellers were all boasting phrases like "Authentic" or "money Back" or "Dont be scared". Hmm... I am a Bit suspect now and so you should be too.

I personally am a basketballer. Have loved basketball for a long time. Have loved Jordan and everything he has done for bball. But rip off Jordans do not benefit Jordan, your wallet or your feet. Real Jordans are very comfortable.[like my grey XXI's : )]

Check out the heap of "how to spot fake Jordan shoe" websites that are out there at the moment which can be found easily searching at/on google.

Like anything that has a premium, people don't like seeing people ripping others off. Which is good for the consumer and the manufacturer,. Some of these helpful sites have the:

- Release dates for the shoes (Telling you when the shoes were available)

- The availibility of the shoes (where they a Limited release? What colour schemes, or colourway as it can be referred to were, and are the shoes available in? 

Different shades of colour do not accidentally occur. If a seller has shoes that seem just that little bit off be wary. Light red and Rich Red for example are different, right?!  So do not pass it off as a photo error (unless the whole photo is obviously a wreck).

If you are still unsure tell the seller to put a better photo up on there site, or to send you a better photo so that you can see the shoes in more detail. These items are shoes after all - and expensive - try not be embarrassed or feel like you are "hassaling" the person for information, In business to get at least what you pay for is fair honest.

- Try and get a variety of angles of the given shoe.

( a visual production can be very helpful. For instance take the popular Jordan XI, does the carbon plate found on sole at the bottom/middle of the shoes look like a roughish - embossed type - real carbon fibre plate or just a smooth piece of grey plastic with black non touching dots/different colour dots or whatever - or maybe the seller isn't even showing a picture of the sole! Look CLOSELY).

They Might be very hard to return to a person in the business of selling fake shoes.

Use this useful visual Qualitative and factual quantitative information to at least make an educated evaluation of what you could be getting.

Lastly, do not assume expensive means real. It seems a lot of people have caught on to the notion of cheap means fake and have come back with a big stick! I just looked up "Jordan red/Black 11" and they were all FAKE shoes, some fetching for 275US and 375US respectively.

Get up, and enjoy your new Jordans.

Dennis K

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