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Well, has this crossed your mind?  Selling and making money by working a few hours a week, sounds great, right? Well, yes you can make an "Extreme" amount of money Selling on Ebay. But, you will be working much more than "a few hours a week" !

At a "Few hours" a week, selling things such as Household, books, clothing, toys, etc. you certainly can make "some money".  And sometimes, your SALES are much higher than expected!  But, the "few hours" are not just one or two hours.  You need to keep a lot in mind, and be organized with all of your items!

Making "Extreme" money. Well, "actual" companies that do SELL on Ebay put alot of their "overstock, left-overs,etc" so they have a "huge amount" to offer to Buyers.  As well, you can sell for "Individual People" called "Trading Assistants", where "you" sell for people who just do not have time or just want no part of dealing with Ebay.

For the average person, those "few hours" will consist of "Several, but relatively simple steps" to get your items up and ready for Sale. 

You of course, need to "FIND" your items to sell.  Go through your own home with a box, each room too.  As you do, think about the items your "thinking" of selling, you need to think of "how much does it weigh? You need to clean it up if necessary, Do you have the box and packing supplies to send it?  You need to take "very clear" pictures ! ( important! You could have a gold mine, and a losey picture could lose the sale) ! Once, you have your pictures, of course, get them downloaded. 

Now, did you sign up yet for Seller account? If not, get to it !Takes a little time, you need to decide on "Payment" options, and set up a Paypal account ( this is only me, but alot of Seller prefer this method!)

You need to do some homework before adding this ( you could "sell it too cheap" if you dont)! Type your item in the "BUY" section, now see what comes up. Examine the prices, S & H, are there "BIDS" on this Item? Does it "seem to be wanted" at a high volume? Once you have done this, you then have a idea on "how much to be charging and starting your Bidding at".

Writing a "Good Title & Description" ! This is as important as the picture ! Give everything possible! From the Maker of the product, down to any imperfections. Measurements are a plus, and an idea of the weight helps !

Ok, now, you could be ready, but "KEEP" a running list of what your gonna sell, and what you "DO" sell !

Get your pictures "Uploaded", descriptions written as well as the Title, S & H, And any other details.

Now, you wait !  Will it sell? Your anticipation may get high, so try your best to think "logically", there is " A LOT FOR SALE ON EBAY" !!

So you can see, making money on Ebay "Can & Does" happen.  But, it is really work , but you need "Time & patience" and the biggest thing is keeping on "Excellent" terms with all of your customers! Keep them happy! There are so many ways, from little gifts in their "Won packages", to Kind & Courteous Emails.  They are customers & are spending their money on your items, so Customer Service is a "MUST" !!

So, you can Sell & make money, but you just were "Given" a close Step by Step on how to do it.  As far as a making a ton on a few hours a week, there is "No Job" that can offer that, and "Yes" you do have to do a little work !

Good luck, you can make yourself established, you just need work at it !

So with all of this, "How Easy is it to Sell on Ebay"? Well, it is not hard, but it "IS" work ! Like anything else you do to "make money" !

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