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I have been selling on Ebay for 2 years now.I learned quick on what sells and what is Hot.To my knowledge best selling items ARE:Vintage Cookie Jars,Vintage silk Scarf,Bras,Blue And White Dishes.Humming Bird Items,Men's Pants,Costumes,Christmas figurines.NIKE,Backpacks,Vintage Vanity Mirrors,Fiestaware,Coffeemaker,Bakelite items,Native Jewelry,Hoodies,Vintage fruit prints or pictures,Pewter Plates And whatever a trend is at the time..Always stock up a variety of items and put a unique title description.These Have been Items I have been selling and seem to always sell..There are many more and I can List a lot.With holidays near and many wanting ideas of what to sell I figured I would List some top hot items..Always more to add but here is a list to start create and variety.

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