Guide to safe sneaker buying

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Guide to safe sneaker buying
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The sneaker culture has boomed this past year 2006.Unfortunately,too many people have fallen victim to buying fake,variant,counterfeit and imitation shoes from all different brands.One brand that has been heavily copied through the years is Nike.

Their various shoes styles,including Dunks (GR and SB) and Air Forces 1s,as well as Jordans are seen in the thousands in auctions on ebay.A large majority,however,are not autentic products.

In an effort to help buyers on ebay (as well anywhere else) buy shoes safely and with a sense of security,here are a few tips to aid you in you sneaker hunting endeavors.

1.Be Inquisitive

Don't be afraid to ask the seller many questions.If you're not sure about the products they're selling in terms of autenticity,ask as many questions as you need.Feel free to ask for more pics,about pricing,location,and anything else that may make you feel more secure in buying with the seller.Be aware,if a seller doesn't reply to your questions,take that as a sign to stray away from bidding.

2.Ask for TAGGED Pictures

One mistake many consumers make in buying is that they don't ask for tagged pictures (pictures of the shoes with the sellers name on a piece of paper).In many cases,if the seller is legitimate,they will provide you with the pictures you're asking for.From personal experience,however,if a seller will not/cannot for some reason provide you with tagged pictures/additional pictures,the shoes are most likely stolen,meaning the shoes they are selling are not the shoes pictured.This is an important step to safe shoe buying,so look out for it.

3.Check the seller's feedback

As a buyer,one way in which you can buy with security is from purchasing products from a seller with overall positive feedback.Check out the items to seller has purchased or sold to help understand what kind of business person he or she is.I recommend not purchasing from 0 or 1 feedback sellers who have just recently joined ebay.It's a bit risky to do,unless you can provide you with references from another side in which they sell on.

4.Know the facts

Before you buy,it's important to know a thing or two about the sneakers you're buying.Do you have to be an expert? No.Should you know the basic facts about sneakers and then some? Yes.I'm not saying you need to know everything about the shoes,but you should know the name of the shoe,the look of a legit box label and inside tag,as well as the look of the shoes overall.They are disgustingly obvious fakes out there that DO end up selling simply because the buyer doesn't know fake from real.

Do some research of your own.You can browse legit shoe websites,including,,,and many many more.Additionally,you may want to visit websites such as or to help you differentiate between authentic and un-authentic shoes.

One thing that helps many buyers is by joining an online sneaker forum.These include but are not limited to,,,,,and several other.Many of these sites include a "Legit Check" forum that allows for you to ask if a shoes if fake or not.The people who check are well informed about the sneakers and are on some occasion only able to perform checks if they are granted access.These forums are also good for some sneaker discussion,selling,buying,and trading.I highly recommend joining a forum,as it may prove to be the most helpful step you could take in the process of your sneaker purchasing.

5.Be Smart

It's one thing to come across a lousy seller,but it's another thing to be a lousy buyer.If you are the latter,it may end up that if you don't take the time to inform yourself about scam sellers and fake shoes,you will become victimized by ever-growing variant sneaker market.Don't let your money go down the drain.Do legit checks BEFORE you buy the shoes,and be at least a little informed about the products you plan on buying.Following at least one of these steps can help you greatly in purchasing shoes now and in the future.

I hope this guide has helped you in at least a few ways.It is guaranteed that the sneaker market will continue to see more fakes,but it is not guaranteed that people will not know that what they are purchasing is fake.

Take the steps you should take to ensure safe buying on ebay.Good luck and Happy New Year 2007!

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