Guide to not getting addicted to EBAY

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Although ebay has unlimited amounts of great things to purchase and it's unbeleiveably fun. It is hard not to get addicted to puchaseing everything you see. So here is my guide to not gettting addicted and going broke from purchases on ebay.

1.) Pay only with money order if you have to leave your house to pay with a money order for something you have bought online it gets un pleaseant and inconveint.

2.) Look around the house and if you already have one of what you are buying dont buy another one it will only result in clutter and give it awile you will be selling what you have bought on ebay back on ebay.

3.) If you find your self board and are surfing ebay for the weird stuff and the totally bizarre just to see, and are interested in buying that celebrity half eaten sandwich that costs 300.00 dollars, dont!!! honestly how are you going to keep that from spoiling

I love ebay just as the next person and i am a loyal customer, but there is a time to have fun with something and realizing you have had to much. So be a responsible ebayer dont get carried away. 


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