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Pseudonyms of Popular Authors from the Vintage Paperback Era

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What's in a Name? A Lot if You're a Collector!

          One of the most challenging aspects of collecting vintage paperback books is coming to grips with the absolutely astounding number of titles out there. What to collect? For many of us, we pick certain authors, or series, and confine our acquisitions thus. The challenge is in knowing just what our favorite authors have written. Even the greatest authors did not always write under their own names. For the collector who wishes to collect everything someone has written this can pose some difficulty! So below, you'll find a fairly comprehensive list of authors and their Pseudonyms, as well as some of the more well known House names of the era.

Pseudonyms and House Names: The Difference

         The Pseudonym is certainly nothing new. Authors have been writing under assumed names since writing was invented. During the Golden Age of the paperback era, social and intellectual pressures led many a well known author to write his or her 'pot boilers' under something other than his given name. For some it was a way of differentiating between their 'serious' literary attempts, and the work that kept food on the table on money in their wallets. Others assumed Pseudonyms when writing in genres other than those in which they were established names. And then there were the books which authors simply did NOT want to have associated with them. This was especially true in the hardboiled crime, thriller, and sleaze genres. Many used multiple Pseudonyms over the course of their career, and occasionally wrote under 'house names' as well. 
Unlike Pseudonyms, which generally were the creations of individuals, House Names were owned by publishers, and employed as a method of giving the impression of stability over the course of a long running series. The Doc Savage and Shadow series, both holdovers from the Pulp Magazine era, were written under house names by multiple authors, as were the Hopalong Cassidy novels, just to name a few. When one realizes the calibre of some of the authors who did their earliest work as ghost writers for such names, one is amazed.  Armed with just a little knowledge, you can add depth and flavor to your vintage paperback collection!

AUTHOR'S NAME                                                                         PSEUDONYM(s)
Aarons, Edward S. Edward Ronns
Adams, Cleve John Spain
Albert, Marvin Albert Conroy
Amis, Kingsley Robert Markham
Ard, William Benn Kerr, John Farr, Jonas Ward, Thomas Wills, Mike Moran
Avallone, Michael Sidney Stuart, Vance Stanton
Ballard, W.T. Neil MacNeil, Brian Fox
Banis, Victor J. Victor Jay
Beaumont, Charles Keith Grantland
Beck, Robert Iceberg Slim
Becker, Stephen Steven Dodge
Bentley, Jayne Jayne Castle, Jayne Ann Krentz
Block, Lawrence Ben Christopher, Jill Emerson, Chip Harrison; Sheldon Lord, Lesley Evans
Boucher, Anthony H.H. Holmes
Bracket, Leigh George Sanders (House Name)
Bradley, Marion Zimmer Morgan Ives, Mariam Gardner, HOUSE NAME: John Dexter
Browne, Howard John Evans
Brunner, John Keith Woodcott
Burroughs, William William Lee
Cassidy, Bruce Carson Bingham, Max Day
Cormac, Donald Spider Page
Craig, Goergiana Ann Craig Rice, Daphane Sanders
Cornwell, Bernard Susanah Kells
Crichton, Michael John Lange
Crossen, Kendall Foster Richard Foster, M.S. Chaber

Daniels, Norman Mark Reed, David Wade
Davidson, Avram Carlton Miller
Davies, George Richard Armory
De Lint, Charles Samuel M. Key
Dent, Lester Many books by Kenneth Robeson for Doc Savage series
Dresser, Davis Bret Halliday
Ellis, Julie Joan Ellis, Linda Michaels
Ellison, Harlan Paul Merchant
Fairman, Paul W. Ellery Queen (ghost writer for), F.W. Paul (House Name)
Fast, Howard Walter Erikson
Fischer, Bruno Russel Gray
Foster, Alan Dean Ghosted First STAR WARS tie-in for George Lucas
Fox, Gardner F. James Kendricks
Fox, Gilbert Kimberly Kemp
Francis, Stephen Hank Janson
Gardner, Erle Stanley A.A. Fair
Garfield, Brian Ghosted Buchanan's Gold as Jonas Ward (William Ard pseud.)
Gault, William Campbell Will Duke, Roney Scott
Geis, Richard E. Peggy Swenson, Frederick Colson
Gifford, Barry Kent Nelson

Giles, Janice Holt John Garth
Glidden, Frederick D. Luke Short
Goines, Donald Al C. Clark
Goldman, William Harry Longbaugh
Gottfried, Ted Ted Mark
Goulart, Ron Con Steffanson
Hano, Arnold Gil Dodge
Hansen, Joseph James Colton
Haydock, Ron Vin Saxon
Hegedus, Adam Rodney Garland
Highsmith, Patricia Claire Morgan
Hunt, E. Howard Gordon Davis, Robert Dietrich
Hunter, Evan Ed McBain, Hunt Collins, Curt Canon, Richard Marsten
Jenkins, Will F. Murray Leinster
Jessup, Richard Richard Telfair
Kane, Frank Frank Boyd
Keene, Day Daniel White, William Richards
Kelton, Elmer Wrote first three books under house name Tom Early
King, Stephen Richard Bachman
Knoles, William Clyde Allison

Koontz, Dean Leigh Nichols, Deanna Dwyer, Owen West, John Hill
Konrbluth, C.M. Jordan Park, Simon Eisner, Cyril Judd
Kuttner, Henry Lewis Padgett
Lake, Joe Barry Joe Barry
Lewis, Herschell Gordon L.E. Murphy
Lesser, Milton Stephen Marlowe
Love, Richard Richard Armory
Lindsay, Hyman Robert Chessman
Lange, John Frederick John Norman
Lansdale, Joe Ray Slater, Jack Buchanan (House Name)
Lynds, Dennis Maxwell Grant (House Name Belmont SHADOW novels)
Mayr, Dallas Jack Ketchum
McGaughy, Dudley Owen Dean Owen, Hodge Evens
Meaker, Marijane Vin Packer, Ann Aldrich, M.E. Kerr
Merrill, Judith Cyril Judd
Miller, Bill Wade Miller
Moorcock, Michael Edward P. Bradbury
Moore, Brian Michael Bryan, Bernard Mara
Moore, C.L. Lewis Padgett
Nelson, Ray F. R.N. Ellson, Jeffery Lord (House Name, one title)

Norton, Mary Alice Andre Norton, Andrew North
Offut, Andrew John Cleve
Oursler, Fulton Anthony Abbot
Ozaki, Milton K. Robert O. Saber
Phillips, Judson Hugh Pentecost
Pohl, Fred Ernst Mason
Prather, Richard S. David Knight, Douglas Ring
Price, E Hoffman Hamlin Daly
Rabe, Peter J. T. McCargo (House Name, 2 books), Marco Malaponte
Reasoner, James Tom Early (House Name)
Rigsby, Howard Vechel Howard
Savage, Les Jr. Logan Stewart
Sellers, Con Connie Sellers
Sheldon, Alice James Tiptree, Jr.
Silverberg, Robert Robert Randall, Ivar Jorgenson, L.T. Woodward, Don Elliot, Loren Beauchamp
Smith, George H. Jan Hudson
Sontup, Dan David Saunders, John Clarke
Stonebraker, Florence Thomas Stone, Florenz Branch
Stubbs, Henry Clement Henry Clement, Harry Clement, Hal Clement

Sturgeon, Theodore Frederick R. Ewing
Tepper, Sheri S. E.E. Horlak
Tilton, Alice Phoebe Atwood Taylor
Trimble, John Jack Leech
Turtledove, Harry Eric Iverson for two books in the 1970s
Van Arnam, Dave Ron Archer
Vance, Jack John Holbrook Vance, Peter Held
Vidal, Gore Cameron Kay, Edgar Box
Wade, Robert Wade Miller (with Bill Miller)
Wager, Walter John Tiger
Ward, Arthur Sarsfield Sax Rohmer
Whittington, Harry Whit Harrison, Hallam Whitney, Ken Holland, Kathryn Myers
Willeford, Charles W. Franklin Sanders (ghost writer)
Westlake, Donald Edwin West, Curt Clark, Richard Stark, Alan Marshall (up to 1962)
Wollheim, Donald David Grinnell
Wood, Ed. Jr. Jason Nichols, David. L. Westermier, Emil Moreau, Kathleen Everett
Woolrich, Cornell George Hopley, William Irish
Wyndham, John John Benyon Harris
Zinberg, Len Ed Lacy (one book)

While this list is long, it in no way is comprehensive or exhaustive. Since the invention of the paperback in 1938, hundreds of thousands of titles have been printed in the U.S. alone. That's what makes this hobby so wonderful!

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THIS LIST WAS COMPILED FROM INFORMATION TAKEN FROM the Antique Trader Collectible Paperback Price Guide by Gary Lovisi -- a must have for any book collector!
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