Guide to Common Bra Problems and Mistakes

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Here is a list of common bra problems and how to resolve them!  Most women aren't wearing the correct size.  See if you fit into any of these categories, and determine how to fix the problem!

Up, Up and Away--The band is riding up your back.
Your band is might be too large or needs to be tightened. Adjust your band so it's not so loose.  If you are already on the tightest setting, you may need a smaller size.

Your cup runneth over--Your bust is spilling over or bulging under the cup.
Your cups are too small, and you will need a larger cup size.

The world is on your shoulders--The straps are digging into your shoulders.
You may need to loosen the straps. Or, your cups may be too small.  This pulls the bra down and creates tension in the straps.  You may need a larger cup size.  Bra straps account for about 20% of breast lifting.  The cup design and the band do the rest of the work.  Tightening your straps to create more lift, only creates more strain on your back and shoulders!  If the straps are falling off your shoulders, most likely, your band size is too large and you will need a smaller band. It's also possible that your bra has lost its elasticity. Or, if you have sloped shoulders, you may want to try a racerback style.

The gap...and I don't mean the store--The cups in your bra are puckering or gapping.
If you're not filling out the cup, then your band and/or cup size is too large and you will need a smaller size.

I am so into you--The wire in your bra is digging in or poking you.
If your bust is being forced to find somewhere else to go, and you are being poked by the underwire in the process, then your cup size is probably too small and you will need a larger size.

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