Guide to Camera Lens Caps

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Guide to Camera Lens Caps
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What Are the Different Types of Camera Lens Caps?

The lens cap or lens cover is a very important piece of equipment for any kind of photographer whether amateur or professional. The lens cap provides the camera lens protection from scratches, fingerprints, and minor collisions. Typically, a lens cap comes standard with most cameras and even with most lenses. It is designed to fit over the exposed ends of the lens, either on the front or the rear of the lens.

There several different types of lens caps that a person can buy or use for their camera. This guide will explain in detail the different types of lens caps and present information on how to choose a lens cap for a camera. Through this guide, the reader will be made more aware of what kind of cap he or she will need for his or her camera lens.

Types of Lens Caps

Though lens caps come standard with many cameras, because they are so small, they are easy to lose. There are also different types of lens caps that might work better for the photographer than the ones that come with the camera or lens. It is important for the photographer to be aware of the different choices in order to choose the one that accurately fits his or her purpose. There are two different lens caps: those that are for the front of the lens and those that are for the rear of the lens.

Front Lens Caps

The front lens cap is a lens cap that goes on the front of the lens or the part of the lens that is to be pointed at the object the photographer wants to capture. There are three main types of front lens caps which include the following:

Snap On Lens Caps

The snap on lens caps that go on the front of the lens actually fit inside the filter ring of the lens. These types of lens caps must fit the camera exactly in order to do their job. A photographer can find the measurement for a snap on lens cap by looking on the lens itself. If the lens size is 52 millimeters, then the lens cap should also be 52 millimeters. The standard sizes for snap on lens caps are as follows: 27 mm, 28 mm, 30 mm, 34 mm, 37 mm, 39 mm, 40.5 mm, 43 mm, 46 mm, 49 mm, 52 mm, 55 mm, 58 mm, 62 mm, 67 mm, 72 mm, 77 mm, 82 mm. and 86 mm.

Push On Lens Caps

The push on lens caps fit around the outside of the camera lens. A push - on lens cap is probably one of the most common, but does not securely fix onto the lens, and therefore can become lost easily. However, there are some cameras lenses that do not have filter threads and the push-on lens cap is the only option. In order to get the right size lens cap, the photographer must measure the diameter of the lens barrel with a metric ruler. This measurement will be the size lens cap the photographer will need.

Proprietary Lens Caps

The proprietary lens caps are usually the lens caps that are designed by the manufacturer of the camera or the camera lens. In order for it to fit the lens, it must have been made for the specific model. The proprietary lens cap is unique to the camera due to special tabs and extra coverage of the cap. Though these caps are ideal for the camera, they can only be replaced by the manufacturer.

There are several options to choose from. Though the snap on lens cap is the most preferred when choosing a lens cap, it is important to know the types of front lens caps to choose from when deciding to buy a lens cap.

Rear Lens Caps

Rear lens caps are the lens caps that go on the rear of the lens. These types of caps are used when the lens is removed from the camera body itself. A photographer really only needs a rear cap if he or she has a camera that uses interchangeable lenses. The rear lens caps are specific to the type or manufacturer of the camera one is using. The most common types of cameras that need a rear lens cap include the 35 millimeter Rangefinder, 35 millimeter SLR, Digital SLR,, and Medium Format cameras. This being said, there are also three main types of rear lens caps to choose from.

Screw-in Lens Caps

The screw - in lens caps actually attach to the lens by screwing it into or onto the lens. These types of lens caps can only be used if the lens has a threaded mount on the end of it.

Push-on Lens Caps

The push - on lens cap slides over the end of the lens. The push-on lens cap does not attach and is thus more likely to pop off and become lost. However, it is still one of the most common types of rear lens caps as it can fit most kinds of lenses.

Bayonet Mount Lens Caps

The bayonet lens cap attaches to the bayonet mount of the camera lens by twisting and locking into place. Because of this, they are harder to lose as they stay where they are put.

Because rear lens caps are made for the specific model of a camera, it is important for photographers to find out which camera they are using. The following table provides a short list of some of the rear lens caps and the lenses they fit on to:

Lens Cap

The Lens It Fits On To

Konica rear lens cap

Konica 35 mm SLR lenses

Hasselblad rear lens cap

Hasselblad lenses

Canon EOS rear lens cap

Canon EOS lenses

Minolta MD rear lens cap

Minolta MD and ML lenses

Leica R rear lens cap

Leica R series lenses


It is important for the photographer to know what kind of camera he or she has before purchasing the rear lens cap.

How to Choose Camera Lens Caps

When choosing a camera lens cap, it is important that the photographer know how to choose the cap he or she needs. The following gives the photographer a clear idea of how to choose a camera lens cap for his or her camera:

Pick a Style

Once a photographer has found out what types of lens caps there are, it is important for him or her to decide which style works best for the photographer’s situation. For example, the photographer may need a snap on lens cap for speedy fitting and removal or maybe a stronger design that will not so easily slip off.

Decide on Front, Rear, or Both

There are both front lens caps as well as rear lens caps and both elements are just as important as the other in protecting the camera lens. It is important to decide whether or not the camera will need just the front lens cap or both lens caps.

Look for a Camera Lens Cap by Brand Name

Because all rear lens caps and several front lens caps are specifically designed for the camera lens, it is important to search for the lens cap based on the brand. Photographers have a wide range of camera brands from Canon to Nikon to Fuji and more, and they need to find the same brand lens cap whether through camera retailers or online resale locations.

Know the Size

When searching for a camera lens cap, it is important that photographers know the size lens cap they will need. The standard unit of measurement for lens caps is millimeters. The lens cap should be the same size as the filter size the camera takes. For example, if a camera takes 52 millimeter filters, the lens will also need to be 52 millimeters. To find out the lens size, one can look for a symbol "O" with a diagonal line through it, and next to the symbol will be a number in millimeters indicating the size of filter threads or size of lens cap needed.

Knowing what one is looking for and choosing the right brand, the right size, and deciding on what style works best can help the photographer maintain his or her lenses for a much longer time than without the cap at all.

Buying Lens Caps on eBay

There are various camera stores where you can purchase lens caps from as well as various online auction sites such as eBay. Buying on eBay is one way you can find the right lens cap without ever leaving your home. Buying on eBay is quite simple to do.

Once you have decided which type of camera lens cap you would like to buy, simply type it into the search box. For example, typing "Canon snap on lens cap&" into the search box will provide you with various options to choose from. To narrow your search, you can search through the categories selections which are available, such as searching in the camera category.

When buying on eBay, however, it is very important that you really know what you are buying. You can do this by clicking on "Ask seller question" under the seller’s name. You can also get to know the seller by reading the ratings and reviews he or she may have. In doing this, you will ensure that you are getting exactly what you are looking for delivered right to your door.


There are several different types of camera lens caps that a photographer can choose from. It is important to compare the different types of lens caps and decide which style would be best for your situation. It is important to also note that there are both front lens caps and rear lens caps that protect the lens. As lenses are much more expensive to purchase than a lens cap, it is important to choose a lens cap that will protect your lenses best. In choosing the right lens cap for your needs, you will ensure your lenses stay protected through any circumstance.

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