Guide to Buying and Selling Online Game Accounts

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Guide to Buying and Selling Online Game Accounts
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Tips for Buying/ Selling Online Game Accounts

Buying Online Accounts
    1. Read Carefully
    2. Know what your buying
    3. Be sure you get everything
    4. Check seller feedback

Selling Online Accounts
    1. Be sure to list everything
    2. Include all details
    3. Do not put delicate information in your item description
    4. Answer any questions asked to you

Buying Online Accounts
1.     To successfully buy an online account through ebay, there are a few things you should know. First, you should always carefully read through the description of the account you are buying. Check for things like correct game, server/ realm/ world, specific items ect.

2.     Make sure you have some kind of background knowledge of the game you are purchasing an account for. You don't want to run in blind an just buy any account, or you may drastically over pay for something, or not get what you really wanted.

3.    Also, when you purchase the account, make sure you recieve everything promised to you in the items description, such as items, characters, money, account information, recovery question information ect. I can't tell you how many times people have been scammed buy not getting a recovery question answer. The person will give you the right account name/ password. Then come back a few days later and use their recovery information to change it, and your out of luck.

4.    Perhaps the most important thing you can do to protect yourself when buying accounts or any other items on ebay is to check the sellers feedback. If you want to buy something from someone with alot of negative feedback, the chances of a successful transaction where you are satisfied are slim. Many times you will run into someone with no feedback; you should be careful with these, as most are good people who are just new to ebay, but there are some who are just waiting to scam someone.

Selling Online Accounts
1.   When selling an account for an online game through ebay you must be very generous with the information you offer about the account. No one will want to buy your account if you don't tell them information about it, you must obviously list what game it's for, but also specific things like which server/ realm/ world your characters are in, what items they have, what in game funds they have ect.
2.   Be sure you include all details of the account as stated above. Once your account is sold to someone be sure you give them ALL of the information related to the account. This includes things such as the account name and password, the cd/ registration key, the recovery question/ answer. Make sure all of this safetly gets to the new owner of the account, as they will need it all.

3. When writing the description you want to be sure to list everything about the account someone would need to know in order to buy. However, you do not want to list EVERYTHING about the account, as some things are better left to only the winner of the auction. Things such as specific character names, accounts names, passwords, recovery information ect. These things should ONLY be sent to the winner of the auction and not put in the item's decription.

4.  When selling something on ebay, you want to be as helpful to your buyers as possible. When a potential buyer asks you a question about something related to your product/ service being sold you should always answer timely. This is especially important when dealing with online game accounts, as many things could accidentally be forgotten in a description. If someone asks you a question about your account, answer them, even if you think the question has no immediate relavance to their capability of buying your account. Many people are just hesistant to give up their money. Also, if someone asks you a question that is in your item description, don't be rude, just politely answer their question anway, as they obviously missed it in your description.
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