Guide on how to tell if Ralph Lauren Polo is fake part2

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3) Polo Player

The location of the polo player is one of the biggest indications, for me, if a shirt is real or fake. The polo player should be located under the button area.  Even big polo players location should be under the button area. Below I have compared the two common areas for the polo player as well as fake polo players and real polo players.

  • The Polo player colors should be sharp (details)
  • No lose threads on Polo player
  • Location of the polo player should be below the button area.
    • On older shirts the chest of the player should be below the button area
    • On big polo shirts just the stick should be above the button area, the player and the horse should be well below the button area

Picture 1: Borrowed

Yellow - Real
Blue - Fake
Poor polo player

Look at the stitch quality and details of the polo players


Picture 1 (sky blue polo): Real

Picture 2  (khaki) : Real

Both of these Polo's are real. Pay attention to the start position of the polo player. The blue shirt is an older style and is the highest start postion a polo shirt should have. The khaki shirt is a newer shirt and is the most common position for the polo player.

Note: If a shirt is new the polo player should be well below the button area - similar to picture 2.



Picture 1 (red polo) fake big polo shirt:


Picture 1 and 2  (sky blue polo) - real

Picture 1 is the back side of the polo player

Picture 2 is the front side of the polo player. - notice no loose threads

Pay attention to the fabric detail.



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