Guide To Opals

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Like most gemstones, Opals can be set in rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and brooches.  There are many different types of opals to choose from, some more rare and beautiful then others, so when your out shopping for opals, keep these little tips in the back of your mind. 

About Opals
Opals come in a brilliant array of colors to choose from.  Whether you are buying an opal for value or style, you can be sure there is an opal out there that you will love. 

Unlike the milky white opals we are accustomed to seeing, the color and light inherent in black opals tend to make them look almost otherworldly.  This makes black opals substantially more valuable than the white opal although white opals do have a beauty all their own.  Whereas boulder opals are rare and beautiful gems mined in Australia, the traditionally orange and red fire-opals are found in the high lands of Mexico.  Matrix opals all flaunt different looks because the opal is diffused through other rock and stone.  You can be sure to get something extremely unique if you buy a matrix opal.  Chrystal opals on the other hand are a mostly transparent gem which reflects a good deal of light and color.  The Chrystal and Black opals are by far the most valuable of opals today.  Of course, you can also choose to by a synthetic or imitation opal which are far more affordable then the real thing.  There are many factors that determine an opal’s value including color, pattern, the light a stone reflects, size, rarity and amount of flaws.

Whatever you do, as with the purchase of any type of gemstone, buy what you love!

Caring for your Opal Jewelry
Opals are fragile gemstones.  It is most important that you take special care of them.  Here are a few tips for you:

• Don’t expose your opals to very hot or very cold temperatures.
• Use a soft cloth and gentle cleaner to clean your opals.  Never every use any harsh or abrasive cleaners.
• The best way to store an opal is in a sealed plastic bag with some damp cotton wool.
• Take your opals to the jeweler for a checkup!

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