Growing beautiful Celosia Cockscomb from seed

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How to Grow Cockscomb From Seed

Cockscomb flowers are a wonderful addition to any landscape or garden. They are easy to start from seed and thrive under most conditions. They can be found in a variety of colors and range in size from the dwarf variety to the giant. My favorite variety is the Heirloom Giant Cockscomb Red Celosia, they grow up to three feet tall on strong upright stems and have huge ruffled flower heads that stretch up to 12" across and some have multiple smaller side blooms as well.  The flower heads have a velvety feel and texture. They have often been described as resembleing a brain or looking somewhat like cauliflower. The leaves are a deep glossy green. 

When cut and dried they can be used in floral arrangements and everlasting boquets. 

When preparing your soil for cockscomb seed it is best to loosen soil by tilling or turning with a spade or shovel. Plant seeds sparingly 1/4 inch deep. When the plants are two to three leaves high thin by transplanting so that plants will be well spaced about 10 inches apart. You may want to move the excess plants to another area of your garden and can successfully do so by carefully lifting them with a spade and replanting, just be sure to water well for the first week or so.

I usually leave my plants in a somewhat zigzag pattern for the best showing eg. ,',',',',' this way your back row is about 12 inches apart and so is your front and the back row fills in between.

Cockscomb love sunshine and will grow in a wide range of soil conditions but will do best in well drained loose soil or soil that has been enriched with compost. They are heat and drought tolerant making them ideal for southern gardens. Cool weather makes them tend to flower earlier thus almost guaranteeing flowering for northern gardeners as well. These are considered an annual, but I have always had them return each year from self seeding, or you can save the seed for replanting. 

To use as dried flowers, everlastings or potpourri, it is best to harvest before the first frost, remove all leaves bundle and hang upside down to here to view auctions

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