Green Xbox 360 or White Xbox 360? Part 3

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In part 3, I hightlight the key differences between the green and white xbox 360.  For those of you that missed Part 1 of this guide, I simply introduce you to the two types of packages you can expect the xbox 360 to appear in stores.  In part 2 I break down what comes with each package.

The purpose of this guide is to help you decide on whether you need the green or the white box the xbox 360 comes in, and is a continuation from the previous guides written on the subject.  In this guide, I cover what it is you need to buy with your xbox so that you can better decide whether you should purchase those things separately and buy the green xbox 360, or together bundled in the white xbox 360 box. 

The basic things, that you must need in order to play xbox 360 games such as a console, and power cord are not discussed in this guide.  However, the key differences between the white and green xbox 360 are discussed.

To be Wired or Not to be Wired?

Below we have pictured 2 controllers.  They look about the same except for a detail or two.  One is wired, and has a retail price of $39.99 while the other is wireless and has a retail price of $49.99.  If you have a problem with cords getting tangled up I'd recommend the wireless controller.  If you have a problem with keeping things charged, I'd recommend the wired controller.


Which Cables go to What!?

Simply put, if you see 3 holes on your tv, then or a place to put composite video on your tv then just the Standard Video AV Cables that come with the basic (green boxed) xbox 360 should allow you to see and hear games as you play them. 

The S-Video, or Standard Video AV Cables are pictured to the left, and have 4 connectors on them (Retail Price $29.99).  That would be 1 for composite video, which offers lower image quality than Standard Video and should only be used if you don't have the 3 holes on your tv for it.  For those of you that have High Definition Tvs, you could use the S-AV Cables that come with the basic Xbox 360, however, you would benefit most from the HD AV Cables pictured to the right (Retail Price $39.99 ) which offer the highest image quality.  (If shopping for a HD AV Cable, it's helpful to remember that they have 6 connectors where as the S-Video Cable just has 3 or 4 depending on whether or not a composite cable is included.)


For those of you that have old tvs, you will not find a place for composite video, standard video, and certainly not for high definition, but should find a place for a RF connector.  Neither the S-Video AV, or the HD AV Cables will be of any use to you in that case.  So you will either need to purchase a RF connector to work with your xbox 360 separately, or just buy a newer tv.  My recommendation would be to buy the newer tv if at all possible because apart of the fun in playing video games is enjoying the graphics.  Of all the ways to hook up a xbox 360 out there, RF will give you the worst image quality of all.  (For those still clueless, stay tuned as I may soon write a guide on hooking up the xbox 360) 

No Hard Drive?!  Say What?

That's right.  If you buy the basic (green) xbox 360 you'll either have to do without a hard drive, or buy one separately for $99.99 that has 20 gigabytes.  There are a few things you need a hard drive for.  One of them is to play games for the original xbox .  Another is to download content from xbox live, and perhaps the most important is so that you will be able to save your games.  If you want to just save games, there is the $39.99 memory card alternative that stores 64 megabytes of data.  If you buy the premium (white) xbox 360, the hard drive is included.


The 20 gigabyte hard drive that costs $99.99 is to your left, and the 64 megabyte memory card is to your right.  Note:  Pictures are not to scale here.

Headsets?  What for?

No question about it.  Whether you want to be an effective teamplayer on xbox live by communicating your stratedgy with team mates, or taunt your opponents, you'll need a headset in order for them to hear you.  The retail price for one is $19.99, and is recommended for those who plan on being on xbox live.

Ethernet Cable

The ethernet cable is what allows you to play xbox live.  I couldn't find out how much the xbox 360 ethernet cables cost, however, any old ethernet cable should do the job, and shouldn't cost you more than a few dollars.  I personally use the one that comes from the cable company for use with my modem for broadband internet service, and it works just fine connecting to xbox live.


There you have it.  Those would be the things that set the white packaged xbox 360 apart from the green one.  In order to see where your money would be most well spent, look at the things above that you feel like you need, or want and add the value of those things up.  Just keep in mind its only one of each that comes with each system.  If what you plan on getting here is at $100 or more, you'd be better off getting the white xbox 360.  If it is less than $100, or for that matter $99.99 lol, then you'd be better of getting the green xbox 360.


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