Green Swimming Pool How to Make it Turn Blue

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"Attack of the killer blonde on the very green swimming pool"
How to make your pool perfect. The HARD way.

  I  want to tell you "how to" and "how not to" turn your home swimming pool from green to blue. This is my personal story of my  month long saga so that you can learn from my mistakes

My son ( Trey) has a swimming pool in his backyard, I told him he was spending too much money on pool maintenance and he needed to learn to do it himself.  I bought him a CD that had excellent advise, but my son is lazy....very here in lies the tale of my woes and the ensuing expense.

Day 1
About a month ago I was visiting Trey's house and his swimming pool was dark, dark green, and had these little things swimming in it. I consulted my  next door neighbor Mark who has a pool, and he told me that I probably needed to shock the pool and add algae cleaner to it and it would be fine.  So off I go to Home Depot and bought shock and algae cleaner....I dump 3 pounds of shock in the pool and a bottle of algae cleaner in the pool and nothing happens...What ....this is suppossed to work...Oh ok, so it's not instant , you need to wait at least 4 hours before anything happens according to the back of the package I sit by the pool to wait ..Cost $20. Sitting by the pool and drinking a bottle or two of wine $30.00. Well maybe cause it is such a big pool it will take longer than 4 hours, so I'll come back tomorrow.

Day 2
The next day I go's still green....
Bring my neighbor over and he says....well you just didn't add enough shock....So I go buy 6 pounds of shock this time...and a black algae cleaner as they say maybe I have black algae....Ok so I go dump it in the pool....Cost $60 .....remember Shock doesn't work instantly. So we sit by the pool and have a few glasses of wine....Cost of wine another $20.00

Day 3
I go to a pool store this time, not Home Depot and they tell me well if it is really green and has things in it, you probably just need to shock it for several days in a row....Ok so now I buy more shock and more algae stuff and pour it in  another $75 dollars down the drain, but hey wait....there is foam all over the top of the pool......frantic call to the pool place, and a comment of "oh yes, that's normal...that just means the algae has finally reacted with the shock so it is working now"
"But it is still green.....
"Well have you added Clorine tablets to that thing that floats in the pool? "
" No do I need to do that  too? "
"Why yes...You have to always have Clorine tablets in that floating thing..."
OK back to the pool place and spend $107 on a tub of clorine tablets
"geez this is getting expensive....I'm now at about $300 on trying to get this pool to turn blue and four or five bottles of wine

Day 4
Back at the pool place again...."It's still not blue , and there are all of these leaves floating in it..."
"What you don't have a leaf skimmer?"
Well no, you didn't tell me I need one
"Oh yes you need a leaf skimmer and a pole,  "
Another $35
"Did you get the leaves off the bottom of the pool?"
"No, how do I do that...."
"Well you need this little blue round thing that has a bag on the attach it to a water hose and it will vacumn the leaves off the bottom"
Ok ....another $35
So back at the pool, we skim the leaves, we vacumn the leaves off the bottom and the pool is still green. But at least the wiggly things in the water have gone away so that's progress right?
So back to the pool place we go
"OK....I have shocked the pool yesterday, added clorine to the floaty thing, used the pool skimmer, used the round vacumn things to get the leaves, but I still can't see the bottom of the pool, how do I know all of the leaves are gone?"
"You are going to have to shock it again, till you can see the bottom of the pool and then revacumn the pool and then it will be blue again"
"Did you get all the growing algae off the walls of the pool?"
Well doesn't that bottle of algae stuff you sold me do it?
No you  need a brush, so that you can brush the walls of the pool
Ok...another $29 for a brush and another $20 for a pole
and another $38 in shock and back to the pool to dump it in....
Did I mention that we are running the pool filter 24 hours a day trying to filter all the junk out and the cost of electricity is sky high in Houston right now..My back is killing me from brushing the sides of the pool, .And wine is not cheap either, have another glass of wine, Trey and Robin.(Robin is Trey's new bride who really wants to swim in the pool)

Day 5
The rains came...Sit by the pool under the gazebo and drink wine
Day 6
The rains came....Sit by the pool under the gazebo and drink wine
Day 7-12
The rains came.....Sit by the pool under the gazebo and drink wine, wine, wine
Day 13.
Ah back to the pool....
well it is still green....back to the pool place
"Listen I am not supposed to tell you this, because we are here to sell chemicals but if you will use bleach in it, it should turn blue. Use 1 gallon of bleach for every 1000 gallons of water."
"How do I know how many gallons of water the pool has?"
'Well most home pools  have about 16,000 gallons"
'OK thanks'
So then we are off to the grocery store.....Do you have any idea the looks you get when you buy 24 bottles of bleach at the same time? People in the check out  line give you the look that says....."what you have that many dirty clothes"......You see they don't sell gallons of bleach, they sell 3 quarts of bleach in a bottle. Another $40
 Back to the pool dump it all in, and yes wait some more. Well good excuse to have another bottle of wine.

Day 14
Wow it is a lighter shade of green maybe it is working....But in the shallow end I can now see that there is a layer of stuff on the bottom, not leaves but Sand?.....Back to the pool store...
".Oh you need to vacumn that up"....
"What, are you telling me that the leaf bagger you just sold me is not going to catch that sand or algae or whatever it is....
" Oh No you need a regular vacumn....You can get an automatic one for $299.00-$499.00 or you can get this one you do yourself for $19.99 and another pole for another $19.99...
So I go the cheap route and get the one where you do it yourself,
 I mean after all I am now at about $400 in chemicals in this pool and it is still green. And 14 bottles of wine now
Geez this is getting expensive.

Day 15..
WE vacumn the pool on the bottom in the blind cause the pool is so cloudy you can't see the bottom, so we hope we are getting it all....we add another 3 packages of shock, another bottle of algae killer  and some more clorine tablets to the floaty thingy and for good measure I throw 2 whole clorine tablets in the pool.

Day 16
Wow there is a blue streak on the bottom, all the way from the clorine tablets down to the bottom drain. And boy is there stuff all over the bottom of the pool at the shallow end where I can see...As we vacumn the pool and get the silt off the bottom it is beginning to turn blue....yeah....BLUE.... until we get to the deep end. It's still green
Back to the pool place
"Well Ok , you just don't have enough clorine in the pool then."
Ok thanks.....back to the grocery store, this time I buy 60 bottles of clorine bleach.....Did you know that there are different strengths of clorine bleach.....Oh yes, there is 75% and 93% of course the 93 percent is more expensive.... So another $87 for bottles of bleach and another bottle of wine of course.

Day 17
Rain looking at a cloudy blue pool and drinking a bottle of wine $14
Day 18
Rain looking at a cloud blue green pool and drinking a bottle of wine $18
Day 19
geez it is back to green again. Back to the pool place..
"Well you need more shock to get it back to blue; How many gallons is in your pool?"
"I don't know you said probably 16,000, "
"Well thats a normal square pool "
"Geez our pool, oh it's oval but wiggly, sorta free form with a diving board...."
"Oh then it is really deep at least 12 feet for the diving board, so you probably have a 43,000 gallon pool. "
"So does that make a difference,?"
"Oh yes, you have not been adding enough of any of the chemicals to the pool to make the chemicals work" she tells me after I have already spent over $500 in pool chemicals and another $200  on wine....
You probably also need a bottle of pool clairifier to make the water turn from cloudy to clear.
This time add half of this bottle of pool clairifier and wait 4 hours and add the other half of this pool clairifier....Ah yes there is a bottle of stuff that is supposed to make all the silt glump together so that the pool filter will take it away....Now why didn't they tell me this 20 days ago.
So back to the pool , add the clarifier, have a bottle of wine, and the other half of the pool clairfier and have another bottle of wine....Stagger home, hoping that tomorrow the pool will be clear.
Oh no, it is raining

Day 20

Day 21

There is silt still on the bottom and it is back to green again. 
"Well maybe you should try this pool shock that leaves less residue in the bottom of the pool. Of course it is a little more expensive."
" What, the shock leaves stuff in the water?"
Well yes, but just keep vacumning and running the pool filter and it will all go away.
Buy 24 packages of shock in a box for another $58 bucks  and another bottle of wine
This time I am not going to be defeated.
Dump in 12 packages of shock( the one with less residue and more expensive) Throw a couple of whole clorine tablets on the bottom.  Have a bottle of wine.
Geez lets put in the other 12 packages of shock , after all it says on the net that you can't shock a pool too much.Have another bottle of wine

Day 22.
IT"S BLUE....YEAH.....IT"S BLUE but it is still cloudy, vacumn again and notice all we do is stir the stuff up that is on the bottom.
Hey Trey lets turn off the pump and see what happens
Day 23
ITs STILL BLUE and you can almost see the bottom, lets leave the pump off another day
Day 24
ITS STILL BLUE  and you can see the bottom
Day 25.
ITS STILL BLUE, you can see the bottom and the water is clear...vacumn the bottom which stirs up a little of the silt......add two more bottles of clarifier. $28 another bottle of wine $18
DAY 26
you can see the bottom, only a little silt remains....vacumnnnnnnnnn and YEAH.....A PERFECT POOL

Lessons learned.
1. They have different types of chemicals for different types of algae, Green, Blue and Black, Get a multipurpose one OR buy one bottle of each. Don't follow directions on the bottle, add the entire bottle at once to get all the stuff out at once . The algaeside doesn't work until you add the shock Foam is good , it means it is working Let the pump filter run constantly.

2.You can NEVER overshock a  pool.  If your pool is really green, start with a complete box of shock 25 packages....don't do it one at a time...MORE is REALLY better....And get the shock that has the least amount of residue left when added to the pool

3.Get all the right equipment , the leaf skimmer, the roll around leaf bagger,a water hose, and the vacumn and a pool hose and a pool brush.

4.Oxiclean really does work in a pool, but it's way too expensive to use all the time. But if you want to see instant blue, dump in 2 bottles of oxiclean at once, instant gratification...but it doesn't last so use pool shock.I told you I was desperate...

5.Buy at least a case of wine, it's cheaper that way. or just start with Scotch it will be cheaper.

If I had been given that advise in the very beginning, I would not have wasted over $800 in pool chemicals needlessly, and the 25 day ordeal could have been done in less than a week.

If you have enjoyed my " attack of the killer blonde on the green swimming pool" please say so and if you need any advice , don't hesitate to email me.

Final Note Added on July 5th.  I have learned one new trick I thought I would share.  Add as many chlorine tablets to your little basket in the concrete part of the pool that keeps leaves from going to the pump.  I believe it is called a pool skimmer basket....Keeping tablets there lets the water going to the pump recirculate the chlorine and water into the pool at a faster rate than just adding the clorine in liquid form or in shock form. I now routinely keep them there, which is probably totally necessary as I have learned from an expert that I have a 60 thousand gallon pool.   No wonder none of my efforts were working, I was not adding enough chemicals at all for the volume of water I had....sigh

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