Gold karat, hardness and color

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Gold karat

The higher the proportion of gold used in the final metal, the more valuable and expensive the metal will be which is 18kt ring will be more expensive than 14kt ring.

  • 9kt gold contains 37.5% of pure gold which is 375 parts per 1000 parts
  • 14kt gold contains 58.5% pure gold which is 585 parts per 1000 parts
  • 18kt gold contains 75% pure gold which is 760 parts per 1000 parts
  • 22 kt gold contains 91.66% pure gold which is 916.6 parts per 1000 parts
  • 24kt gold contains 100% pure gold which is 1000 parts per 1000parts

Hardness for karat gold in Vicker Scale

Metal hardness is measured by what we call "Vicker Scale" where as higher the Vicker scale the hardest of the metal.

  • 9kt gold - 70 to 105
  • 14kt gold - 125 to 165
  • 18kt gold - 85 to 125
  • 22kt gold - 70
  • 24kt gold - 40

Gold Color

The color difference between yellow, rose and white gold is determined by the metals used in alloy mix. And of course 18kt gold is much more yellow than 9kt yellow gold

  • Yellow Gold - is mix of pure gold with alloy metals like copper and zinc
  • Rose Gold - is mix of pure gold with alloy metals copper
  • White Gold - is mix of pure gold with alloy metals such as silver and palladium
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